New Data Center Management Tool, DCD R2, Released


Today, we are announcing a completely new version of our unique and cloud computing industry-leading data center management tool – the DCD R2. Right from the start, when we first envisioned ProfitBricks’ IaaS solution, we knew we wanted to create a better public cloud platform than what was available at the time. The future of cloud needed it. Over the [...]

Cloud vs. Colocation, Corporate Data Centers – New Research Reveals the Future


In the cloud vs. colocation debate, many companies remain unsure whether virtual or company-owned servers better match their individual needs and corporate goals. In many cases, it isn’t a simple question of cloud vs. colocation. It’s a mixture of the two short term and longer term its all cloud. While colocation can represent an initial step away from corporate data centers, [...]

50 Interesting Events and Conferences for Developers

All Your Base

Working in the world of developing and programming means needing to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovative thinking, so networking and collaborating with others in the industry is a must. As technology and ideas develop at warp speed, developers and programmers need the time to get together and share ideas, problems, failures and solutions. Thousands of events and [...]

Cloud Computing Costs [Infographic]


Cloud Computing costs are notoriously difficult to understand and calculate. It seems that some cloud providers want to recreate the complex enterprise pricing of software and hardware in the past. Here at ProfitBricks, we believe in the unbound cloud — with cloud pricing that provides an authentic value. While some cloud providers like Amazon force their customers to over-provision by [...]

How ProfitBricks Wins Awards for Cloud Computing Performance


The most important qualities to look for in an IaaS platform include cloud computing performance benchmark results, a flexible pricing plan and user-friendliness. A few weeks ago I posted a discussion about user-friendly data center configuration and management via our unique Data Center Designer. This time I want to share some insight about ProfitBricks’ high performance cloud, with interviews from three [...]

EU Startup Company Highlights from #TCDisrupt 2014

ProfitBricks Sponsors #TCDisrupt2014

It was a big week in London, with with ProfitBricks sponsoring TechCrunch Disrupt in London (#TCDisrupt).  We met with dozens of companies, customers and partners. Our CEO, Achim Weiss, had this to say about the event: “There was so much energy at this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt Europe. So many interesting companies, such as Crate, traveled to London to join this exciting [...]

Cloud Computing Pricing and Packaging – Are You Being Manipulated?


The 4 P’s – Pricing, Packaging, Promotion and Placement. Every business student has spent a great amount of time studying how these four factors drive the success of a product or service. From their first inception in 1960 by marketer E. Jerome McCarthy, the 4P’s have been the foundation of almost every offering, and in the technology space for decades [...]