Top 47 Cloud Server Monitoring Tools For System Administrators


Working with cloud server monitoring tools, and network tools, are a crucial aspect of any system administrator’s duties. Some Cloud monitoring tools are free, while others cost thousands of dollars per year. Deciding which tool is the best fit for your organization, of course, comes down to the size and number of your cloud servers and the size and complexity of your network. Some [...]

New ProfitBricks Cloud Computing API Version 1.3


It’s here – our new Frankfurt Data Center in Frankfurt am Main Germany opened September 9th 2014! More details are available in a blog post from our CMO, Andreas Gauger.  In support of the new Data Center location, we’ve added features to the ProfitBricks Cloud Computing API. The new ProfitBricks API Version 1.3 has been released and the updates are outlined [...]

New Frankfurt Data Center Extends ProfitBricks Cloud Computing IaaS Footprint


Every data center professional and software architect has their vision of the perfect data center. When we founded ProfitBricks (in 2010), both Andreas Gauger and I knew that Cloud Computing options were extremely limiting and first generation in their approach. Prior to starting ProfitBricks, our years of experience in web scale hosting, and expertise in managed services and systems integration followed by Cloud Computing [...]

Why I Chose To Live and Work in Berlin Germany


Life is about choices…. Life is too short…. Life is meant to be lived…. A life full of challenges is a life…. I could have started this post with dozens of quotes from others in history, but I’d rather share with you a little insight into why I chose to live and work in Berlin, Germany for ProfitBricks, a Cloud [...]

ProfitBricks Expands With New Texas Office


ProfitBricks, the price/performance leader in Cloud Computing – IaaS, is announcing the opening of a new office in San Antonio, TX, providing more space for our growing teams and an additional labor pool to hire talent from.  The new office is located in the Class-A offices at the popular regional La Cantera center. The new ProfitBricks office in San Antonio, [...]

AMD Opteron Cloud Computing Case Study With ProfitBricks

Download the AMD Opteron Cloud CPU Case Study

AMD, the technology company that designs and produces AMD Opteron CPUs, with millions of customers around the world, has published a case study on ProfitBricks’ and its deployment of AMD CPUs in it’s Cloud. ProfitBricks is the Cloud Computing IaaS price/performance leader and a portion of that leadership was made possible when our founders selected the AMD Opteron family of [...]

Best Free SysAdmin Tools


The lives of SysAdmins and IT teams are frustrating and complicated enough. You don’t need the lack of practical tools (if you can even find any available for what you need) for managing and retrieving information, networking, monitoring and the dozens of other tasks and responsibilities filling your plate on a day-to-day basis.  You also don’t need to shell out [...]