EU Startup Company Highlights from #TCDisrupt 2014

ProfitBricks Sponsors #TCDisrupt2014

It was a big week in London, with with ProfitBricks sponsoring TechCrunch Disrupt in London (#TCDisrupt).  We met with dozens of companies, customers and partners. Our CEO, Achim Weiss, had this to say about the event: “There was so much energy at this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt Europe. So many interesting companies, such as Crate, traveled to London to join this exciting [...]

Cloud Computing Pricing and Packaging – Are You Being Manipulated?


The 4 P’s – Pricing, Packaging, Promotion and Placement. Every business student has spent a great amount of time studying how these four factors drive the success of a product or service. From their first inception in 1960 by marketer E. Jerome McCarthy, the 4P’s have been the foundation of almost every offering, and in the technology space for decades [...]

San Antonio New Tech Meetup – Cloud Computing IaaS by ProfitBricks


  This post was written by Abe Stein, a ProfitBricks team member in our San Antonio, TX office. San Antonio New Tech Meetup has over 750 members that are passionate about technology, software, cloud and supporting the local community that is driving the path forward. I was invited to present on behalf of ProfitBricks, a Cloud Computing IaaS provider, at [...]

Axel Herr, ProfitBricks COO, Named Top 50 Midmarket IT Channel Vendor Executive by CRN’s MES


We are proud to announce that our COO, Axel Herr, has been named in this year’s Top 50 Midmarket IT Channel Vendor Executive list. Axel describes himself as someone who loves the challenges of keeping fast growing companies on the right trajectory in highly competitive environments, and he couldn’t be more pleased about this latest achievement. He is now officially [...]

Data Center Management for the Cloud Gets User-Friendly: ProfitBricks’ Data Center Designer

ProfitBricks Cloud Computing Data Center Management Designer

At ProfitBricks, we are committed to making price/performance-leading IaaS accessible to everyone, not only those well-versed in cloud computing. Data center management that’s user-friendly is a high priority for us, which is why we developed our unique, reality-based Data Center Designer. First generation cloud targeted early adopters and developers. It was confusing, relying on tables and spreadsheets to configure complex relationships [...]

26 Cloud Experts Reveal the Biggest Cloud Migration Mistakes Companies Make When Moving to the Cloud

Andrew Walker

The cloud computing industry has experienced tremendous growth over the past 5 to 10 years, and what used to be simply a buzzword in the technology world, the “cloud”, is now a common and valuable tool among businesses and independent online users alike. In fact, as of today, at least 72% of businesses have adopted the cloud. Within 3 years, [...]

Cloud Downtime and Cloud Reboots: Why Some Cloud Providers Are Forcing Them on Customers


Amazon Web Services, Rackspace and other Cloud Providers have this week announced cloud downtime and cloud server reboots affecting hundreds of thousands of customers. The Xen hypervisor security alert (XSA-108) forced these cloud computing providers to notify their customers, at very short notice (sometimes less than 48 hours), that their virtual servers would be restarted. For many companies, downtime and reboots completely halt normal business operations or at least hinder [...]