2-Factor Authentication – Applying IT Governance Policies in the Cloud

Security is an ever-present worry for newcomers (and established businesses) when using the cloud. The takeaway from recent, successful hacker phishing attacks is simply that traditional passwords are no longer enough, and many businesses are hampering their security efforts by still working under the old perception that applying IT Governance policies in the cloud and 2-Factor authentication is costly, irritating and unaffordable.

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How can you guarantee absolute security for your cloud and its users?

All New Security for your Cloud

We’d like to announce our all-new, effortless 2-Factor Authentication for the award-winning graphical integrated user interface, the Data Center Designer, which works in conjunction with our multi-user cloud access. We’ve made 2-Factor Authentication painless.

How 2-Factor Authentication Works

Rather than just a user name and password to access your ProfitBricks cloud infrastructure, you simply download an app to your smartphone which provides an unique security code per login. A smartphone is completely separate to your user name/password location, and the preferred method because your phone is usually something you have with you on all times and is separate from your computer (that you would use to access your account). This second password is known as an OTP, or “One Time Password”, and usually has a set time limit on its usage (PB LIMIT 10 minutes).iTunes screenshot of phone using 2FA with ProfitBricks

2-Factor Authentication eliminates the worry of giving a person user access to your cloud infrastructure by requesting a six-character security code for each login to your cloud. This eliminates the hacker equation from your cloud deployment model, because while a hacker might be able to gain access to a user name or password, they’re absolutely unable to gain access to the smartphone’s app that provides a single-use authentication code for the user’s access.

Benefits of a 2-Factor Authentication Model For Your Business

  1. Hackers Begone – While human error can provide a user name and a password, it’s significantly more difficult to provide
  2. Cost Benefits – no more hassles with outside toggles, USB sticks or dicey security cards that can be stolen or replicated.
  3. Reputation – It’s easy to lose your reputation over a security breach. By promoting your usage of 2FA for your business, customers and users alike are assured of your competence and care of their data – no small task.

“This new, integrated 2-Factor Authentication supports ProfitBricks’ overall mission to allow our users the safety and comfort to design, configure and manage virtual data centre efficiently and that run anything – just like real hardware,” said ProfitBricks CEO Achim Weiss. ProfitBricks 2-Factor Authentication and new multi-user cloud access management features delivers granular IT governance policies in the cloud, and we’re pleased to deliver this best in security feature for your business.

To apply this feature to your ProfitBricks account, simply follow the instructions  in our online help.

Have you used our new 2-Factor Authentication yet for your cloud? Tell us about your experiences in the comments.