4 Ways IaaS Vendors Trick You into Buying More Than You Need

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Most managed service providers (MSPs) are paying too much for their Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform. Whether by charging for ephemeral storage, delivering inflexible instance tiers, or adding hidden support costs, the biggest IaaS vendors might be costing you more than you think after you surpass the ultra-low entry price point.

To protect your company from overpaying for an IaaS platform, thoroughly review the costs surrounding these three key areas:

1. Temporary/Ephemeral Storage
Not only is ephemeral storage unreliable, it can also cost you a small fortune when hardware decides to interrupt. Storage should be persistent and not reliant on a physical server. Consider choosing a provider that offers Block Level Storage at no additional cost that’s 2x redundant, offers at least two tiers of storage performance for various workloads, and doesn’t require you to scale into new server packages as you need more disc space. Doing this could save you up to 46%.

2. Inflexible/Packaged Instances
The average IaaS vendor offers tiered instances, meaning you find the best server package, or an offer in between, which can often compromise the promise of cloud being utility-based and only paying for resources you use. Offering little to no resource flexibility, these packages often require MSPs to pay for more than they actually need. Instead of getting shoved into a broad tier, look for a vendor that provides the flexibility to scale CPU, Ram, Disc Space independently and require you to only pay for what you use. Doing this could save you up to 67%.

3. Support & Speed
Support pricing varies by vendor, so it can be difficult to factor into the TCO of a IaaS platform. Furthermore, a slow platform can cost you quite a bit in team efficiency and customer satisfaction over the long haul. To eliminate common IaaS slowdowns for its partners, ProfitBricks provides 24/7 Tier III US-based live support via phone or email and a dedicated one to one ratio of CPU cores and RAM for added performance. The commitment to performance means there should not be a contract requiring a minimum spend or time, but the reliability to work as partners.

4. Vertical & Horizontal Scalability
Most IaaS solutions are either good at delivering easy vertical scalability (replacing old hardware with new) or horizontal scalability (adding net new hardware), but few can effortlessly support both needs.

ProfitBricks is different. Our partners enjoy Block Storage, flexible instances, dedicated CPU cores and RAM, as well as functionality that makes horizontal and vertical scaling easy. Some partners save up to 73% by switching to the ProfitBricks IaaS platform. Calculate how much you could be saving by switching to ProfitBricks IaaS now.