50 Interesting Events and Conferences for Developers

Working in the world of developing and programming means needing to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovative thinking, so networking and collaborating with others in the industry is a must. As technology and ideas develop at warp speed, developers and programmers need the time to get together and share ideas, problems, failures and solutions. Thousands of events and conferences  for developers take place around the world to give developers and programmers these opportunities.

Since developers and programmers don’t always have the time to research those that are of the most interest to them or that will meet their specific needs, we have compiled our list of the top 50 developer and programmer events and conferences to save developers and programmers valuable time. We have chosen those that offer keynotes from the most forward-thinking creative minds in the business, hands-on sessions, unique opportunities for idea sharing, and chances to kick back and have a little fun. Our top picks are listed here, in no particular order.

1. All Your Base
Oxford, UK

All Your Base

All Your Base is a unique conference for developers, as it is “the only curated database conference of its kind in the UK.” Previous sponsors have included GetClouder, MySQL, Mozilla, and Platinum sponsor DataStax. The robust speaker lineup from October 2014 included Jeni Tennison, technical director at Open Data Institute; Yodit Stanton, Founder of OpenSensors.IO; Ian Plosker, co-founder and CTO of Orchestrate.io; and more.

Cost to Attend:

  • Standard: £220
  • Student ticket: £83.33

2. DeveloperWeek Conference + Festival 2015
San Francisco, CA
New Developer Technology

DeveloperWeek 2015

Known as San Francisco’s largest tech event series, DeveloperWeek Conference + Festival 2015 features more than 60 week-long events. The schedule is packed with the DeveloperWeek 2015 Conference & Expo, DevOps Summit, WebRTC Summit, LearnToCode Camp, 1000+ attendee hackathon, 1000+ attendee tech hiring mixer, and more. DeveloperWeek covers all new development technologies, so atendes are invited to get introductory lessons, or advanced tips and tricks, on HTML 5, WebRTC, Full-Stack Javascript Development, and others. The next event will be held Feb. 6-12, 2015.

Cost to Attend:

  • PRO Pass (EXTREMELY EARLY) – thru Oct. 17: $200
  • PRO Pass (EARLY) – thru Dec. 5: $350
  • PRO Pass – thru Feb. 11: $550
  • Hackathon+ Pass ONLY – Designers/Developers – thru Feb. 7: $20
  • Expo+ Pass ONLY – thru Feb. 12: $25
  • DevOps Summit Pass ONLY – thru Feb. 12: $100

3. PyCon Ukraine
Python Programming Language 

PyCon Ukraine

An independent, community-run, community-controlled, and not-for-profit conference, PyCon Ukraine is dedicated to the Python programming language. Typically held during the Autumn months, PyCon provides talks, tutorials, demos, and more opportunities for attendees, all centered on Python, including Python applications, toolkits and frameworks, and related technologies. Organized by the Kyiv Python user Group, the conference also serves as a place for Ukrainian Python users to socialize.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

4. Redefine Design Conference
Budapest, Hungary
Innovative Design/Prezi


The Redefine Design Conference seeks to “bring together a diverse collection of design professionals to take a small step towards building a more conscious design ethos for our generation.” Organized by Prezi, Redefine is a non-profit conference sponsored by Microsoft Azure, SAP, and Distinetion.

Cost to Attend:

  • Regular ticket: $250
  • Duo tickets (2 person for only $285): $142.50
  • Regular ticket + The Prezi Experience workshop: $500
  • Prezi Experience Workshop only: $250
  • Students at Redefine conference: $60

5. SassConf
New York City, NY
Modern Front-End Development


The Sass Conference is intended for front-end developers and designers who are passionate about Saas and want to build “a better, more beautiful web.” 2014 SassConf sponsors include Hoefler & Co., OddBird, MakerSquare, and Salesforce, and Gold-level underwriters IBM. The schedule includes workshops, in-depth talks, and code + community events.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

6. Build Right Workshops
Year-Round Events
Worldwide Best Practices

Build Right

Build Right, a division of Sparkbox, provides workshops covering building responsively, frontend tooling, collaboration, and its maker series. No matter the topic of the workshop, the Sparkbox team offers “a good starting point of best practices, relevant examples, recent industry developments, and challenging hurdles.” With main speakers Ben Callahan and Jeremy Loyd, events occur all over the world and at all times.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

7. HTML5Devconf
JavaScript and HTML5

HTML5Dev Conf

HTML5Devconf focuses on JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, node.js, and other cross-platform web, mobile, and server technologies. Specializing in leading trend technical talks and training and known for being “the largest independent gathering of technical software developers, designers and decision makers in the world,” HTML5Devconf combines speakers, training sessions, and a robust conference schedule over the course of a few days during the Autumn months.

Cost to Attend:

  • Regular Bird Conference Ticket: $119 + $7.54 Fee
  • Regular Bird Conference + 1 Day Training: $284 + $16.61 Fee
  • Regular Bird Conference + Lunch: $299 + $17.44 Fee
  • Regular Bird Conference + 1 Day Training + Lunch: $464 + $23.87 Fee
  • Training Only for a la carte or additional Training: $165 + $10.07 Fee
  • Booth Party! Shared 10’ x 10’ Booth on Expo Floor: $350 + $20.24 Fee

8. Velocity
Year-Round Events
Websites and Services

O'Reilly Velocity

Dedicated to building a faster, stronger web, the Velocity conferences from O’Reilly are known for being some of the best attended, most informative conferences available. Sponsors of the O’Reilly conferences have included Intuit, hp, New Relic, Limelight, linode.com, and many, many more. Upcoming conferences will be held in Barcelona, Spain, November 17-19, 2014, Santa Clara, CA, May 27-29, 2015, and Beijing, China, at a date to be announced.

Cost to Attend:

  • Velocity Europe 2014 Pricing – Standard Price Oct. 3 – Nov. 16, 2014
    • All-Access Pass: 1299 €
    • 3-Day Pass: 999 €
    • 2-Day Pass: 779 €
    • 1-Day Pass: 419 €
  • Velocity Europe 2014 Pricing – On-Site Price Nov. 17-19
    • All-Access Pass: 1399 €
    • 3-Day Pass: 1099 €
    • 2-Day Pass: 879 €
    • 1-Day Pass: 519 €
  • Velocity United States 2015 Pricing – Contact for attendance cost

9. Innovation Uncensored
San Francisco, CA
Modern Business and Technology

Fast Company Innovation Uncensored

Fast Company brings its magazine to life with its Innovation Uncensored conference, geared toward anyone interested in modern business, including executives, inventors, strategies, designers, marketers, visionaries, and creative minds from technology, business, and design. The focus of the event is the “conversation about the power of innovation and disruption in business,” and both on-site and off-site experiences are provided for paid conference attendees.

Cost to Attend:

  • Conference VIP Pass: $875
  • Full Conference Pass: $675
  • Sessions Only Pass: $575

10. Techweek
Year-Round Events
New York City, NY/Miami, FL/Los Angeles, CA/Chicago, IL/Detroit, MI


As “the nation’s leading technology conference and festival,” Techweek gathers technology industry leaders and innovators with the mission of “showcasing local innovation.” Over the course of 5 days, attendees experience a myriad of events, including a 2-day conference and technology expo, the LAUNCH startup competition, FashionTECH Runway Show, Techweek GT Office tours, and music, film, and food festivals. Upcoming Techweek conferences and festivals include Los Angeles Nov. 17-23, 2014, Detroit Apr. 13-19, 2015, Chicago June 22-28, 2015, and Miami some time in 2015.

Cost to Attend: Early Bird Prices are available for a limited time

  • Expo Pass: $90
  • Summit Pass: $495
  • Black Pass: $2500 (requires an email inquiry)

11. SoDAspeaks Events
Year-Round Events
Marketing and Digital Experiences


SoDA organizes events for its member companies as well as the broader industry around the world, to encourage collaboration and innovation and share insights into the world of digital experiences. 2014 events included SXSWi, SoDA Session, Cannes Lions, Global Member Meeting, and Adobe MAX at venues across the globe. 2015 events are being determined.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

12. DLD Conference
Year-Round Events
Digital Technologies

DLD Conference

DLD (Digital – Life – Design) is a global conference network centered on innovation, digital media, science, and culture. While DLD events mainly are invitation-only conferences, individuals wishing to attend may apply for tickets, and a limited number of free conference passes typically are available “for young creatives, students, and NGOs.” 2014 conferences included DLDwomen, DLDcities SFO, DLDnyc, and DLD14. The next scheduled event is DLD15, to be held in Munich, Germany, January 18-20, 2015.

Cost to Attend: Contact to apply for a free ticket

13. FailCon
Year-Round Events
Technology Startups


FailCon is unique, in that the one-day conference focuses on the taboo topic of failure. The mission is “for technology entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and designers to study their own and others’ failures and prepare for success.” This spirit of transparent collaboration fuels the conference and inspires attendees to keep trying, learn from their mistakes, and build something bigger and better next time. Some events are invite-only affairs, and participants may apply for tickets.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost or to apply for a ticket

14. SXSW Interactive
Austin, TX
Technology Innovation


SXSW Interactive focuses on emerging technologies, and its “daytime programming focuses on creativity, innovation and inspiration across the various new media industries.” All of the Interactive Festival’s programming “shares a common thread of inventiveness,” and includes keynote speakers, featured and general sessions, workshops, a gaming expo, SXSW Create, Interactive Accelerator, and more. The festival coincides with the SXSW film and music festivals, with events occurring during the week of March 13-17, 2015, in Austin, Texas.

Cost to Attend: Other badges are available for various events

  • Platinum Badge (access to all SXSW events)
    • $1425 thru Oct. 24, 2014
    • $1495 thru Nov. 21, 2014
    • $1575 thru Jan. 16, 2015
    • $1645 thru Feb. 13, 2015
    • $1745 Walkup rate
  • Interactive Badge (access to the Interactive Festival events)
    • $925 thru Oct. 24, 2014
    • $1025 thru Nov. 21, 2014
    • $1095 thru Jan. 16, 2015
    • $1195 thru Feb. 13, 2015
    • $1295 Walkup rate

15. The ACM SIGLPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming
Functional Programming

International Conference on Functional Programming

An annual programming language conference, ICFP offers a forum for developers and researchers to hear about the latest trends in design, implementations, principles, and uses of functional programming. The conference “covers the entire spectrum of work, from practice to theory, including its peripheries.” Sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), ICFP 2015 will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Sept. 1-3, 2015, with affiliated events taking place Aug. 30-31, and Sept. 4-5, 2015.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

16. HOW Design Live Conference
Across the U.S.
Web & Graphic Design

HOW Design Live

HOW Design Live is a five-day design event that gives web and graphic designers the chance to meet at “the biggest annual gathering of creative professionals, anywhere.” Attendees experience “inspiring keynotes, hands-on workshops, and nuts-and-bolts sessions,” as well as networking opportunities and the Closing Party. The next HOW Design Live Conference will be held May 4-8, 2015, in Chicago.

Cost to Attend:

  • The Big Ticket: $1545 thru Oct. 15, 2014, or $1995 full price
  • Two-Day Registration: $1090 thru Oct. 15, 2014, or $1790 full price
  • Single-Day Registration: $545 thru Oct. 15, 2014, or $895 full price
  • Group Big Ticket (5-9 people, 5% off): $1467.75 thru Oct. 15, 2014, or $1895.25 full price
  • Group Big Ticket (10+ people, 10% off) $1390.50 thru Oct. 15, 2014, or $1795.50 full price

17. AIGA Design Conference
Across the U.S.

AIGA Design Conference

From AIGA, “the professional association for design,” the AIGA Design Conference gathers the design community to speakers, attend networking receptions, participate in competitions and professional development sessions and face-to-face roundtables, and more. AIGA members save on registration fees, and it is possible to join AIGA prior to registering for the conference.

Cost to Attend:

  • Supporting+ member: $575
  • Contributor member: $700
  • Student member: $375
  • Educator member: $425
  • Nonmember: $1050

18. Web Design Day
Pittsburgh, PA
Web Design

Web Design Day

Touted as a “small and friendly conference that brings the best of web design to Pittsburgh,” Web Design Day started in 2009 with the goal of bringing the best in the web design profession to Pittsburgh. Organized by two members of Refresh Pittsburgh and Viewsource Events, Web Design Day looks to be an inspirational day of “high-end presentations … covering real world solutions to the challenges we all share.” The next scheduled Web Design Day is June 12, 2015.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

19. WEBIST Conference
Web Information Systems & Technologies 


The WEBIST Conference, or the International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (WEBIST), seeks to “bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in the technological advances and business applications of web-based information systems.” The conference covers 5 main areas: internet technology; web interfaces and applications; society, e-Business, and e-Government; web intelligence, and mobile information systems. The next WEBIST Conference is slated for May 20-22, 2015, in Lisbon, Portugal.

Cost to Attend:

  • Speaker (student or non-student)
    • INSTICC Member/Sponsor: 535€ early or 635€ late
    • Regular: 595€ early or 695€ late
  • Non-Speaker
    • Regular INSTICC Member/Sponsor: 535€ early, 635€ late, or 735€ on-site
    • Regular Non-Speaker: 595€ early, 695€ late, or 795€ on-site
  • Non-Speaker
    • Program Committee, Co-Author, or Student INSTICC Member/Sponsor: 360€ early, 410€ late, or 460€ on-site
    • Regular Program Committee, Co-Author, or Student: 420€ early, 470€ late, or 520€ on-site
  • Non-Speaker 1-day Pass: 210€ late or 240€ on-site

20. WebVisions
Year-Round Events
Web Design, Technology, UX, and Business Strategy


Since 2001, WebVisions has been building a following of designers, developers, and industry leaders, and their event is referred to as “the creative conference for the Web.” With events taking place around the world, WebVision focuses on the future of design, content creation, and more at their events that foster learning and collaboration. Upcoming events are scheduled for New York City in April 2015, Pordland in May 2015, and Barcelona at a date to be determined.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

21Game Developers Conference
San Francisco, CA
Game Developers

Game Developers Conference

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is the world’s “largest and longest-running professionals-only game industry event.” The conference opens the doors to programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business decision-makers, and others who collaborate and drive the future of the gaming industry. With over 400 lecturers, panels, tutorials, and round-table discussions, the DGC is one of the premiere conferences, especially because it also includes the Independent Games Festival and the Game Developers Choice Awards. The next event will take place March 2-6, 2015, with the expo taking place March 4-6, 2015.

Cost to Attend:

  • All Access Pass: $1495 thru Jan. 21, $1995 thru Feb. 25, and $2095 onsite
  • Main Conference Pass: $995 thru Jan. 21, $1395 thru Feb. 25, and $1695 onsite
  • Summits, Tutorials & Bootcamps Pass: $795 thru Jan. 21, $895 thru Feb. 25, and $995 onsite
  • Audio Track Pass: $695 thru Jan. 21, $795 thru Feb. 25, and $895 onsite
  • Independent Games Summit Pass: $325
  • Expo Pass: $195 thru Jan. 21, $250 after Jan. 21
  • Student Expo Pass (Available Friday only): $75

22. Fluent
San Francisco, CA
The Web Platform 


The O’Reilly Fluent Conference began in 2012 for developers and covers the Web Platform and its associated technologies including JavaScript, HTML5, WebGL, CSS3, mobile APIs, and more. Fluent offers speakers, a variety of forums, workshops, sessions, and networking opportunities. The next Fluent Conference is scheduled for April 20-22, 2015.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

23. /dev/winter 2015
Cambridge, England
Web Development

:dev:winter 2015

/dev/winter is a new single-day event for software developers, focusing on software technology. Following on the heels of the hugely successful /dev/summer event, /dev/winter will cover functional programming, mobile, web, NoSQL, cloud, and more. Attendees will experience talks and hands-on sessions from fellow software developers.

Cost to Attend: FREE

24. Innovation by Design Awards and Conference
New York City, NY
Business and Design

Innovation by Design Awards and Conference

Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards and Conference gathers problem solvers from business and design to hash out the latest ideas “in everything from apps to architecture.” The awards ceremony recognizes “the most inventive design working in concert with business and culture.” The conference and off-site experiences give attendees the opportunity to explore innovation through collaboration.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

25. Functional Programming eXchange Conference
London, UK
Functional Programming 

Functional Programming eXchange Conference

Functional Programming eXchange features hundreds of developers and covers nearly every language available, “from Scala to upcoming languages like Julia.” Themes include the Functional Compiler Hackers, Learning Functional Programming through the Arts, Functional Programming in Phone, Tablets, and Embedded Systems, and more. The next Functional Programming eXchange Conference is slated for March 12-13, 2015, in London.

Cost to Attend: £500 + VAT

26. React
Year-Round Events
Reactive Design


The inaugural React Confernce was held in London in April 2014. It was so successful that organizers planned a second for San Francisco in November 2014. What makes React so popular? The event is “a carefully crafted, coherent journey through the reactive programming stack, trait by trait, UI to database,” and not just a mix of disjointed talks. With a group of “highly influential” reactive pioneers and developers, React is the event for anyone “interested or involved with building scalable, responsive, and resilient systems.” The next conference is scheduled for November 18 and 19 in San Francisco, with optional follow-on workshops set to take place November 20 and 21.

Cost to Attend: 

  • General Release – Conference Only: $1024
  • General Release – Conference Only (Minimum 3 people): $995
  • Workshops – 1 Day: $795
  • Workshops – 2 Days: $1295

27. RubyConf
Across the U.S.
Ruby Programming Language


RubyConf – the International Ruby Conference – has been the premiere Ruby event since 2001. Rubyists gather to discuss new ideas, collaborate, and socialize, with the ultimate goal of “fostering the Ruby programming language and the robust community that has sprung up around it.” Sponsors have included WePay, Rackspace, and no starch press. The next RubyConf is scheduled for November 17-19, 2014, in San Diego, California.

Cost to Attend:

  • Standard: $400
  • Supporter: $1000

Tokyo, Japan
Ruby Programming Language


RubyKaigi is the international conference on the Ruby programming language that brings Ruby committers and programmers to Japan, where Ruby began. Now including English as an official language, RubyKaigi welcomes more than 1500 participants and takes place over 3 days in September. Past sponsors have included pixiv, cookpad, Drecom, WebPay, and others.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

29. Open Source Developers’ Conference
Worldwide Open Source Technology

Open Source Developers Conf

The Open Source Developers’ Conference, a not-for-profit conference, covers the wide range of Open Source Technology, including software, systems, and open data. Morning and afternoon tea and lunch are inclusive for all attendees, as is the conference dinner. The “hallway track” is a perennial favorite of attendees, as it provides the opportunity to “hang out with other bright and diverse minds.” The conference features various annual themes, which have included Open, Inclusive, and Connected in the past. The next Open Source Developers’ Conference is slated to take place November 4-7, 2014, at Griffith University in Gold Coast, Australia.

Cost to Attend:

  • OSDC 2014 regular: AU$320
  • OSDC 2014 corporate: AU$450
  • OSDC 2014 student: AU$180
  • OSDC 2014 extra dinner ticket: AU$70
  • Arduino KitTen workshop incl. Freetronics KitTen + serial cable: AU$55

30. RailsConf
Across the U.S.
Rails Development


RailsConf has been the must-attend event for Rails developers who want to discuss, learn about building, managing, and testing Rails applications. Specifically focused on Rails, RailsConf covers topics from new users to advanced techniques, and everything in between. One goal of conference organizers is to “try to set records for the maximum amount of Rails experts in one room.” RailsConf 2015 will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, April 21-23.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

31. London Tester Gathering Workshops
London, UK
Software Testing

London Tester Gathering Workshops

The London Tester Gathering Workshops offer practical, insightful sessions to help developers design software that is more reliable, on time, and on budget. Participants learn tips and tricks for improving their testing and advancing their skills.

Cost to Attend: £395 + VAT

32. The Go Reactive! Conference@cakesolutions
London, UK
Reactive Applications and the Cloud

The Go! Reactive Conference

In association with Cake Solutions, Typesafe, and Skills Matter, the Go Reactive! conference is geared toward business leaders interested in developing software in a reactive way and its associated business value. Sessions will include learning about the driving principles behind the Reactive and DevOps Manifestos.

Cost to Attend:

  • Day 1 – Full Delegate Pass: £150
  • Day 2 – Full Delegate Pass: £150
  • Full Conference – Full Delegate Pass: £200

33. Full Stack Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Web Development

Full Stack Toronto

Full Stack Toronto has always provided web developers with education and resources, along with hosting monthly meetups, and now they are hosting their first annual conference, the Full Stack Toronto Conference. The conference will feature experts with “extensive industry experience” and workshop sessions on “all layers of web development – in a commercial free environment,” which organizers say “really sets Full Stack Toronto events apart from all other development events.” The first annual Full Stack Toronto Conference will take place Nov. 22 and 23 in Toronto, Canada.

Cost to Attend:

  • Attendee: $175
  • Student: $75

34. Agile Tour
Agile Practices

Agile Tour

The Agile Tour gathers Agile enthusiasts from all over the world, to share Agile practices and to share their experiences within the Agile community. The non-profit Agile Tour events occur all over the world every year in October and November. 2014 cities include Sydney, Vienna, Montreal, Stuttgart, Paris, Taipei, London, Philadelphia, and many more.

Cost to Attend: Contact individual events for attendance cost

35. Span Conference
London, UK
Scalable Systems


A one-day conference, the Span conference is “a practical developer conference about building scalable systems.” This is a single track event, and topics include scaling, big data, high availability, APIs and NoSQL, and more. Known for its practicality and discussion format, Span Conference is popular because it does not include sales pitches.

Cost to Attend: 

  • Student: £39
  • Standard: £155
  • Group discounts available for 5 or more tickets

36. Droidcon London
London, UK
Android Developers


Droidcon London draws developers from all over the world because it brings the most innovative technologies and concepts to one place. Topics have included games, glasses, gaming tables, a smart mirror and washbin, and more. Developers get the opportunity to play with all of the cutting-edge technology and hear from “world class speakers.” Developers also love the community feel of the conference, complete with its community-focused events including Barcamp, Democap, and the Hackathon weekend.

Cost to Attend: £425 + VAT

37. Build Stuff
Vilnius, Lithuania
Software Development

Build Stuff

Started in 2012, Build Stuff quickly has become a leading conference for developers who want to build. Lessons provided by people “from the trenches” share experiences, successes, and failures for attendees. The conference blends conference sessions and workshops and features 5 tracks of sessions per day, plus panel discussions and open spaces.

Cost to Attend: 

  • Conference Ticket – Regular: €420.00 + €88.20 VAT
  • Conference Ticket – Last Minute: €520.00 + €109.20 VAT
  • Workshops: Regular 2 days ticket: €289.00 + €7.50 Fee + €60.69 VAT

38. Rich Web Experience
Throughout the U.S. and Canada
Web Technologies

Rich Web Experience

Rich Web Experience (RWX), presented by No Fluff Just Stuff, is geared toward developer education in web technologies including HTML5, CSS, Angular JS, JavaScript, Git, Grails, iPhone, Android, and more. The 2014 RWX will be held in conjunction with The Continuous Deliver Experience (CDX), which focuses on automation techniques for better Java Platform software, and RWX passes include access to CDX. With 11 tracks, more than 150 sessions, 10 full-day workshops, and more than 20 half-day workshops, RWX is a jam-packed conference sure to meet the needs of any web developer. The next RWX is scheduled for Dec. 2-5, 2014, at the Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort.

Cost to Attend: Contact for information about all-inclusive travel packages

  • Conference Pass: $1750 thru Nov. 2 and $1950 after Nov. 2
    • Groups registering 4 individuals get a pass for the 5th person FREE
  • Add Ons
    • Full-Day Workshop: $300 (special registration for the full-day workshops)
    • NFJS Tour Pass: $600 (a discounted pass to a NFJS event found at nofluffjuststuff.com)

39. Code Mesh
London, UK
Revolutionary Technologies

Code Mesh

Referred to as “the alternative programming conference,” Code Mesh focuses on revolutionary technologies in the software industry. Begun in 2012, Code Mesh brings “over 50 inventors and commercial users of innovative tech and non-mainstream languages” together for a day of tutorials and two days of the conference. Tracks have included Finance & Banking, Next Generation Databases, Infrastructure & Distribution, and Scalability & Multicore, among others. The next Code Mesh conference is slated for Nov. 4-5, 2014, with the day of tutorials scheduled for Nov. 3. For 2014, Code Mesh will be offering a scholarship program to help with the cost of tickets for some attendees.

Cost to Attend:

  • Very Early Bird Conference Ticket: £399 + £6.50 Fee + £79.80 VAT
  • Very Early Bird 1 Day of Tutorials Ticket: £199 + £5.63 Fee + £39.80 VAT
  • Early Bird Conference Ticket: £499 + £6.50 Fee + £99.80 VAT
  • Early Bird 1 Day of Tutorials Ticket: £299 + £6.50 Fee + £59.80 VAT
  • Standard Conference Ticket: £649 + £6.50 Fee + £129.80 VAT

40. London Perl Workshop
London, UK

London Perl Workshop

Also known as the United Kingdom Perl Workshop (UKPW), the London Perl Workshop is a one-day conference located in central London. The conference typically includes talks, discussions, presentations, and workshops, and centers on the annual theme: the theme for 2014 is “Perl and the Internet of Things.” While the conference is a free event, individuals should log in and register in order to attend.

Cost to Attend: FREE

Prague, Czech Republic
Object-Oriented Programming


The European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP) is “the premier international conference covering all areas of object technology and related software development technologies.” An annual conference held in various locations across Europe, the 2015 ECOOP will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, July 6-10, 2015, as the 29th edition of the conference. Workshops covering NetPL, STOP, Pharo, and more will be held, including talks led by invited speakers including Martin Odersky, Shiram Krishnamurthi, and Emina Torlak, among others.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

42. POPL
Mumbai, India
Principles of Programming Languages


The 42nd ACM SIGPLAN-SIGACT Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages is a forum to discuss programming languages and programming systems. Several topics, including Certified Programs and Proofs, Coq for Programming Languages, Programming Languages and Verification Technology for Networking, and more, will be covered at both the main conference, to be held Jan. 15-17, 2015, and the co-located events, to be held January 12-14 and 18, 2015. Microsoft Research, Facebook, Samsung, Google, and Xerox, among others, are supporters for POPL.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

43. International Conference on Functional Programming and Games (ICFPG)
Singapore, SG
Functional Programming and Games

International Conference on Functional Programming and Games

The objective of ICFPG is to gather “leading academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Functional Programming and Games.” Organizers hope to get to the heart of the leading innovations, trends, challenges, and solutions in Functional Programming and Games. Topics include Smart Can Assisted Mobility for the Visually Impaired and Solving Bus Terminal Location Problem Using Genetic Algorithm, among others. The 13th ICFPG will be held January 8-9, 2015, in Singapore.

Cost to Attend:

  • Non-Student Oral/Poster Presenter Registration: 450 € Early Registration, or 500 € Regular Price
  • Student Oral/Poster Presenter Registration: 350 € Early Registration, or 400 € Regular Price
  • Additional Paper Publication: 100 €
  • Extra Proceedings Book: 50 €
  • Listener Registration: 250 € Early Registration, or 300 € Regular Price

44. Rocky Mountain Software Symposium
Denver, CO
Enterprise Software

Rocky Mountain Software Symposium

No Fluff Just Stuff (NFJS) delivers the Rocky Mountain Software Symposium, which centers on “the latest technologies and best practices emerging in the enterprise software development space.” NFJS promotes the symposium as an event that provides an excellent team building experience, because it allows individuals in the roles of developers, architects, and managers to get out of the office and learn, discuss, and get fresh opinions.

Cost to Attend:

  • Individual Attendee: $900 thru Nov. 3, $1000 after Nov. 3
  • 5-9 Attendees: $800 thru Nov. 3, $900 after Nov. 3
  • 10-14 Attendees: $775 thru Nov. 3, $875 after Nov. 3
  • 15-24 Attendees: $750 thru Nov. 3, $850 after Nov. 3
  • 25+ Attendees: $725 thru Nov. 3, $825 after Nov. 3

45. Web Conference at Penn State
State College, PA
Design the Future

Web Conference at Penn State

The Web Conference at Penn State features break-out sessions so that developers and designers and question, share, and collaborate in more intimate settings than in a large conference-style setting. Keynote speakers by leading innovators in the industry and a final day of workshops pull the entire program together for attendees. By the way, attendees rave about the food at the Penn Stater, too. The next Web Conference at Penn State is slated for June 22-23, 2015.

Cost to Attend:

  • Early Bird: $500 thru Apr. 1, 2015
  • Regular: $650 thru May 22, 2015
  • Workshops: $500 for both or $300 per workshop thru May 22, 2015

46. QCon New York
New York City, New York
Software Development

QCon New York

QCon fosters a collaborative environment so that developers’ knowledge and innovation in software development can spread throughout the developer community. “Designed for technical leads, architects, engineering directors, and project managers who influence innovation in their teams,” QCon features networking, peer sharing, experts and practitioners, patterns and practices, and facilitated open spaces, among other conference experiences that set QCon apart from other conferences. QCon New York will take place June 8-12, 2015, with the tutorials occurring June 8-9 and the conference June 10-12, 2015.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

47. GIANT Conference@GiantConf
Across the U.S.
Creativity and Innovation

GIANT Conference

“A conference for people who create rad experiences,” GIANT Conference provides a place for “world-class speakers and talented professionals to talk about creating rad experiences and how to make those experiences even radder.” Obviously, the GIANT Conference is a different sort of developer conference. Rather than just hold true to developers, the GIANT Conference brings together from all kinds of professions to get inspiration and create rad things. The next GIANT Conference will be held June 14-17, 2015 in Charleston, SC.

Cost to Attend:

  • Super Early Bird available Sept. 1 – Nov. 30, 2014
    • Conference June 15-17, 2015: $600
    • Workshops June 14, 2015: $400
  • Early Bird available Dec. 1, 2014 – Feb. 28, 2015
    • Conference June 15-17, 2015: $700
    • Workshops June 14, 2015: $400
  • Regular available Mar. 1 – June 14, 2015
    • Conference June 15-17, 2015: $800
    • Workshops June 14, 2015: $400

48. Devoxx UK
London, UK
Technology Knowledge and Concepts

Devoxx UK

Devoxx UK’s goal is for busy developers to leave the conference with knowledge and concepts that improve their work. With that goal in mind, the conference focuses on Java, web, mobile and JVM languages and includes “top developer talents, community groups and expert event specialists.” Devoxx UK 2015 will take place in June 2015, in London.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

49. Future Insights Live
Las Vegas, NV
Web Design and Web & Mobile Apps

Future Insights LiveFuture Insights Live is dedicated to learning, so it offers attendees 6 tracks and tons of opportunities for networking, sharing, and collaborating with speakers and fellow participants. Tracks have included Front End, Platforms, Pure Design, and more. An annual event, Future Insights Live records all of its session for all attendees, so you don’t have to worry about missing something from those five busy days.

Cost to Attend:

  • Early Bird: $1395
  • Standard Rate: $1495

50. Apps World
Year-Round Events
Multiplatform Apps and the App Ecosystem

Apps World

Apps World is a “global event dedicated to multiplatform apps and the app ecosystem.” Developers flock to Apps World events, as do mobile marketers, mobile operators, and industry professionals, because of its workshops and start-up zones that give new start-up apps the opportunity to demonstrate their work for the press and show delegates. The next Apps World event will occur April 22-23, 2015, in Berlin, Germany.

Cost to Attend:

  • Super Early Bird Price thru Nov. 21, 2014
    • Gold (2 Days): €900
    • Day 1 Workshop: €365
    • Day 2 Workshop: €365
    • Two-Day Workshop: €600
    • Expo Pass Plus: €400
    • Free Expo Pass: FREE
    • Workshop Materials: €370
  • Nov. 22, 2014 – Jan. 22, 2015 (noon)
    • Gold (2 Days): €1000
    • Day 1 Workshop: €400
    • Day 2 Workshop: €400
    • Two-Day Workshop: €700
    • Expo Pass Plus: €400
    • Free Expo Pass: FREE
    • Workshop Materials: €370
  • Jan. 22 (after noon) – Feb. 20 (6 a.m.)
    • Gold (2 Days): €1100
    • Day 1 Workshop: €550
    • Day 2 Workshop: €550
    • Two-Day Workshop: €800
    • Expo Pass Plus: €400
    • Free Expo Pass: FREE
    • Workshop Materials: €370
  • After Feb. 20, 2015, 6 a.m.
    • Gold (2 Days): €1200
    • Day 1 Workshop: €675
    • Day 2 Workshop: €675
    • Two-Day Workshop: €850
    • Expo Pass Plus: €300
    • Free Expo Pass: FREE
    • Workshop Materials: €370


What events are you going to in 2014 and 2015?  If you’d like to see where ProfitBricks will be, check out our events page.