Announcing Cloud Computing Industry’s Most Lucrative Partner Referral Program

ProfitBricks is about changing the way that business and IT are managed, not only from the cloud computing perspective, but also with partners. This is one of the reasons why we were often included as a top startup to watch during 2012. As we enter 2013, we will continue to show the technology world what makes us so different.

Photo Courtesy of Flickr User Ray Sadler

Photo Courtesy of Flickr User Ray Sadler

Today is The Day

Queue the Trumpets– ProfitBricks, announces its Referral Program, the industry’s most lucrative partner referral program, offering as much as 25 percent of a customer’s net revenue as compensation.

The ProfitBricks Referral Program is aimed at developers, IT consultants, system integrators, independent software vendors and even well-connected technology influencers looking for recurring revenue streams from a next-generation cloud provider.

I believe the ProfitBricks Referral Program offers referral partners the most lucrative option for selling cloud services and we want a chance to prove ourselves to the channel, ISVs, Telecoms, startups and other organizations with IaaS needs. This kind of program demonstrates our commitment to the channel.”

It Pays To Be Early!

Qualified referral partners can earn as much as 25 percent of ProfitBricks’ net revenue on customers when they refer a sales lead that signs up by March 31, 2013.

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But Wait – There’s More!

In addition to its Referral Program, ProfitBricks is currently developing a reseller program that will offer similar benefits. Select Value Added Resellers (VARs) interested in working with ProfitBricks are also invited to work with us.   

Click here for a copy (PDF) of our Partner Referral Program Press Release

Join Us

To sign on as a ProfitBricks referral partner or to join the ProfitBricks reseller program, email us at or visit