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ProfitBricks Docker Hosting Free Early Access


Developers are quickly adopting micro-services as a viable architecture for their application. Docker has helped popularize this pattern with its easy to use toolset. Which is why over the past few months the team at ProfitBricks has been digging in and working on a new approach for allowing users to deploy and manage Docker and its containers on the ProfitBricks […]

DevOps Central Community, Cloud APIs, Cloud Libraries and SDKs


The DevOps movement is sweeping across the IT landscape and bulldozing the old “throw it over the wall approach” by joining the Development and Operations teams.  If you don’t know the analogy, it’s a reference to the old school “developers write software code” and “operations teams run applications on hardware”. Today, modern teams are embracing DevOps and leveraging DevOps toolsets, […]

2-Factor Authentication – Applying IT Governance Policies in the Cloud

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Security is an ever-present worry for newcomers (and established businesses) when using the cloud. The takeaway from recent, successful hacker phishing attacks is simply that traditional passwords are no longer enough, and many businesses are hampering their security efforts by still working under the old perception that applying IT Governance policies in the cloud and 2-Factor authentication is costly, irritating and […]

ProfitBricks’ New Multi-User Cloud Access Management Feature

ProfitBricks Cloud User Management Screen in the Data Center Designer

With todays’ business models, employees are spread out across states or even continents, and with job specialization many companies have IT governance polices that require different user permissions on a cloud resource and data center level.  How does one keep track and manage users access?  Today, ProfitBricks launches the most painless way to manage user access levels in the cloud. With our all-new group-policy based user access management: […]

Live Migration and Reboots – or Why Innovation in the Cloud Matters

Clouds in Sky

Live migration in cloud computing is still very rare and now, sadly for some, Cloud Computing IaaS is once again forcing users into periods of cloud reboots and downtime due to security issues and poor cloud architectural decisions. Amazon, Rackspace and other Xen-based IaaS platform users are being told to be prepared for pending cloud reboots. It’s like deja vu […]

New Data Center Management Tool, DCD R2, Released


Today, we are announcing a completely new version of our unique and cloud computing industry-leading data center management tool – the DCD R2. Right from the start, when we first envisioned ProfitBricks’ IaaS solution, we knew we wanted to create a better public cloud platform than what was available at the time. The future of cloud needed it. Over the […]

New ProfitBricks Cloud Computing API Version 1.3


It’s here – our new Frankfurt Data Center in Frankfurt am Main Germany opened September 9th 2014! More details are available in a blog post from our CMO, Andreas Gauger.  In support of the new Data Center location, we’ve added features to the ProfitBricks Cloud Computing API. The new ProfitBricks API Version 1.3 has been released and the updates are outlined […]

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