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PowerShell DevOps Cloud Automation #DevOps

Summertime is here and we’ve been humming along on some new releases. To start the season, we’d like to announce support for PowerShell with our handy new module found here. With this Windows engineers can now take programmatic advantage of ProfitBricks and the functionality found in the Cloud API all through familiar tooling. You can now do things like create […]

Kubernetes and KubeCon: The Future of Container Scheduling & Cluster Orchestration


At first I wasn’t too sure how many folks might attend the first KubeCon this year, so I was excited to see so many; the energy in the conference was palpable. People are clearly excited about Kubernetes. Kelsey Hightower was an excellent host and the presentations were great.  The atmosphere was more fun than a trudging march through yet another […]

How #DevOps can use Puppet for Cloud Configuration Management & Infrastructure Automation

Well, it’s that time of year and we’re super excited to be pushing out our newest additions to our DevOps infrastructure automation toolset here at ProfitBricks. Today we announce the release of the ProfitBricks Puppet module for all those nerding out at PuppetConf 2015. Some of the rich functionality you can perform with the module would be things like describing […]

DevOps Cloud Automation With Ansible #DevOps


Ansible is one of the most lightweight IT automation tools on the market. Due to this fact it has become quite popular to use it for various DevOps cloud automation with Ansible includes the ability to handle tasks such as configuration management, rolling upgrades, software deployments, and more advanced orchestration tasks. We have spent time coding and subsequently contributing various […]

Chef DevOps Cloud Automation #DevOps

Chef DevOps Cloud Automation

Chef is the leading configuration management tool. The pitch is that it allows you to turn infrastructure into code using templates called cookbooks. We are happy to announce that you can now manage and deploy ProfitBricks cloud infrastructure and use the Chef DevOps Cloud Automation tool using our new Chef plugin. This plugin integrates into the most recent release of […]

New Cloud CLI for ProfitBricks: Greater Control for SysAdmins


Over the past few months, we have re-done how the ProfitBricks cloud CLI works and today we’re happy to announce the release of version 2.0 available here. It provides a set of commands that allow you to work with all aspects of your ProfitBricks environment — virtual data centers, servers, LANs, snapshots, and other objects. This is the same functionality […]

New Java SDK for Cloud Infrastructure Automation


Worldwide, Java is the most popular language and now ProfitBricks have released our cloud computing Java SDK. Everyone from startups to large enterprises consistently use Java as their primary language. It is also the language that most developers will eventually come into contact with – in various forms – throughout their career.  Java is also a very popular language for infrastructure automation. […]

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