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How to take a snapshot of a live cloud instance using ProfitBricks

Snapshots are virtualization’s way of letting you save your work.  A Ctrl+S if you will, only for an entire virtual machine.  With that analogy in mind, imagine if your favorite word processing program forced a shutdown and didn’t allow you to do any more work while it saved.  That would kind of wreck your productivity, right? The same is true […]

How to reserve and assign IP addresses in the cloud using ProfitBricks

Often times to facilitate High Availability configurations it is necessary to assign a second, more resilient, IP address that can live beyond the on/off lifecycle of an individual virtual machine.  Cloud providers vary widely regarding how they enable customers to accomplish this, but at ProfitBricks we strive to make enabling this facility as simple as possible.  In our sixth entry […]

How to configure a firewall in the cloud using ProfitBricks

Network security is a topic at the forefront on a great many minds.  In many ways, it all starts with port-level security so you can limit the kind of traffic that can come to a specific virtual server.  In this, our 5th installment in our blog series on our How To videos, we’ll show you how to lock down ports […]

How to use your own OS image in the cloud using ProfitBricks

A ton of people moving to the public cloud aren’t greenfield.  Meaning, they have some existing footprint somewhere they are trying to move to a more flexible paradigm.  One of the ways that move gets made is through images.  You have some combination of operating system and applications installed on top of it that’s well-baked and proven to work in […]

ProfitBricks Year in Review 2013 #IaaS

ProfitBricks is Cloud Computing

2013 has proved to be an exciting growth year for ProfitBricks which saw us emerge as the IaaS price/performance leader. Along the way, we demonstrated how the public cloud can simply be better, what we’ve been calling Cloud Computing 2.0. Others noticed, starting with CRN announcing in January that ProfitBricks was the coolest startup of 2012. That honor set the […]

How to Use a Cloud Command Line Interface CLI on ProfitBricks

Flexibility is a key core value at ProfitBricks.  Typically that manifests itself through our customizable instance sizes or the ability to easily tier private networks, but it is also relates to providing choice with how our customers can interact with our products.  As we covered in the first post in our series highlighting our How To videos, most ProfitBricks customers […]

How to Scale in the Cloud Vertically Using ProfitBricks

Scalability is often touted as one of the big benefits to moving to the public cloud, but what has been lost in that part of the conversation is that most people mean horizontal scaling and ignore vertical scaling altogether.  Why is that?  It’s because early cloud providers lacked the ability to add resources to running instances, negating the possibility of […]

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