49 Best IT Management SaaS Tools of the Trade for Managing IT in the Cloud

IT management is so broad that it encompasses network management, app monitoring, server monitoring, app development, data security, IT project management, IT asset management, change control, telecommunications, networking, and tech support, as well as basic management functions. IT managers face challenges and difficulty because the amount of data is increasing and their information technology systems are highly vulnerable to security breaches. The most effective IT managers ensure that all technology resources and their associated employees are properly are utilized in order to provide value for the organization. And, the best IT managers enable organizations to optimize resources and staffing, improve business processes and communication, and enforce best practices.

With all of these tasks, IT managers need to have the right tools in order to meet the demands of an ongoing program of IT services. That’s why we at ProfitBricks have searched software reviews, top technology sites, and solicited feedback from our support teams to find the best SaaS IT management tools available today. We have chosen SaaS IT management tools because IT managers don’t have to worry about installing software, updating software, or being in just the right place at the right time to conduct their IT management duties with these top tools. Our top cloud-based IT management tools have all of the features busy IT professionals are searching for, including automation, cross-platform capabilities, multiple alerting and notification methods, customizable solutions, and many more.

Please note, we have listed our best cloud-based IT management tools below, in no particular order.

1. LogicMonitor

Logic Monitor

LogicMonitor is an automated IT performance monitoring platform that enables companies easily and cost-effectively to monitor entire IT infrastructure stacks. The world’s best IT teams choose LogicMonitor because it delivers “optimal performance for everyone.” With fast, automated deployment, more than 600 pre-built LogicModules, and the ability to boost productivity, LogicMonitor is a top cloud-based IT management tool.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for companies from SaaS to service providers
  • Reduce costs and complexity by bringing your monitoring tools to a unified, cloud-based full-stack performance monitoring platform
  • Included alerting and prediction tools help your reduce downtime and lower overall IT spend
  • Detects changes to infrastructure and automatically adapts as it grows
  • Helps your team fix issues faster with a powerful alert engine that routes and escalates alerts to the right people
  • Capacity planning tools help you predict and plan for IT spending

Cost: FREE trial available for 14 days; Contact for a quote

2. Cisco onPlus

Cisco onPlus

With Cisco OnPlus, you can remotely monitor, manage, and maintaining networks. The Cisco OnPlus family of network management services offers cloud-based solutions to simplify monitoring, managing, and maintaining networks with 1,000 or fewer users for Cisco partners and IT administrators. If you’re looking to improve productivity and responsiveness when installing, configuring, monitoring, or troubleshooting network devices, the Cisco OnPlus ON100 Network Agent is a comprehensive solution.

Key Features:

  • Appliance-based agent
  • Discovers any device on the network with an IP address and enables real-time monitoring and remote management of networking devices
  • Delivers fast and efficient responses to notifications and programmable alerts

Cost: Contact for a quote

3. ControlNow


ControlNow is LogicNow’s integrated remote management and security platform for IT administrators in end-user organizations. This cloud-based IT management tool delivers centralized control from a single console so that you can manage, monitor, and secure your network from one location.

Key Features:

  • Hassle-free endpoint management
  • One interface for total visibility
  • ControlAntivirus delivers award-winning IT security without slowing down systems
  • ControlMonitoring acts as your ears and eyes to give you all of the information you need about your network’s performance

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

4. PathView


AppNeta offers full stack application performance management with integrated visibility from the application code, through the network, to the end user. Their cloud-based IT management tool PathView delivers network health monitoring over any network, allowing you to ensure your network is fast and reliable, regardless of the application it supports.

Key Features:

  • Monitory any network without impacting production
  • Always-on monitoring delivers 1-minute granularity on latency, data loss, and jitter, stored for up to a year
  • Extremely lightweight real-time monitoring
  • Correlate application and network performance
  • Find and fix problems fast on any network


  • Office: $239/month – 10 WAN targets, 100 LAN targets, Wifi or 2x wired LAN deployment
  • Datacenter: $729/month – 40 WAN targets, 100 LAN targets, 4x wired LAN deployment
  • Contact for customized pricing for your environment

5. Systems Management

Systems Management

Panda Security is a leading creator and developer of technologies, products, and services that keep clients malware free. Their Systems Management is a cloud-based IT management tool for managing your company’s IT infrastructure. Mange your company’s maintenance and tech support from the cloud, no matter where you are, with Systems Management.

Key Features:

  • Monitoring and support of all the devices in your company, whether they are in the office or on the move
  • Centralized management and control
  • Remotely monitor and provide support to all devices, even if they are switched off
  • Control and monitor the CPU, memory and disk usage, services, software, and more of all devices in the corporate network

Cost: Contact for a quote

6. Samanage


Samanage offers cloud-based IT service desk and asset management software to reduce time, effort, and costs associated with service interactions. This cloud-based IT management tool helps to reduce your workload so you can deliver fast, high-quality service.

Key Features:

  • Manage tickets and service requests and offer a self-service portal and email integration
  • Manage and control all IT assets across your organization
  • Clearly and easily track all of your contracts and software licenses
  • Log in to your account remotely from your smartphone or tablet

Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote

7. Loggly


An extremely popular cloud-based log management service, Loggly automatically summarizes your logs so you can focus on what truly matters for your organization. This cloud-based IT management tool mines tons of log data in real time, giving you the insights you need to produce quality code and continue to offer top-notch user experience.

Key Features:

  • See what is happening across distributed environments in real time
  • Allow your data to guide you on where to look for answers
  • Use open protocols, not proprietary agents, to send your logs
  • With new derived fields, you can create custom parsing rules to automatically inject context into any type of log

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

  • Lite: FREE – 200MB/day, 7-day retention
  • Standard: Starts at $45/month – 1GB/day, 7-day retention
  • Pro: Starts at $99/month – 1GB/day+, 15-day+ retention
  • Enterprise: Starts at $499/month – Variable data volume, flexible retention, and added support

8. Cloud Management Suite

Cloud Management Suite

Verismic Software is an award-winning leader in cloud-based IT endpoint management and green tech solutions. Their Cloud Management Suite, a cloud-based agentless endpoint management tool for IT departments, can be up and running in fewer than 30 minutes.

Key Features:

  • Allows organizations from 30 to 30,000 endpoints to proactively monitor and manage their environment
  • Advanced IT systems management, including discovery, inventory, patch management, software distribution, and reporting
  • Remote desktop access, zero administration, agentless, and accessible from any web browser without installing any software

Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote

9. HP Touchpoint Manager

HP Touchpoint Manager

HP’s cloud-based IT management tool, HP Touchpoint Manager, seeks to make IT management simple while boosting productivity. HP Touchpoint Manager has a single dashboard, making it easier for companies to simplify day-to-day IT management across various devices, brands, and operating systems.

Key Features:

  • Detect and respond to threats more quickly with alerts and geo mapping capabilities
  • Track device health and security policy enforcement to quickly address risks and keep devices functional and employees productive
  • Easily enforce security policies and remotely secure devices
  • No need to log in and out of different applications
  • Manage all devices from a desktop, notebook, smartphone, or tablet on Windows, Android, or iOS

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

  • Basic: $2/user/month – Virus protection policy, smart battery health monitor, user and device inventory, firewall policy, hard-disk health, proactive alerts, and remote lock
  • Pro: $10/user/month – All Basic plan features, plus remote find device, remote alarm, camera policy, local password reset, and much more

10. ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand

ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand

ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corporation, is an enterprise IT management software company. They offer ServiceDesk Polus On-Demand, a cloud-based IT management tool that serves as an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) based online help desk software. With ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand, your organization can provide stellar IT Service Management (ITSM) service to your users in an affordable way.

Key Features:

  • Enterprise-class scalability without purchasing standby servers and licenses
  • Incident management
  • Knowledge base
  • Self-service portal
  • Automatic ticket dispatcher
  • Notifications and automatic ticket routing


  • Standard IT Help Desk: FREE
  • Professional IT Help Desk + Asset Management
    • 1 tech and 100 nodes: $195/year
    • 2 tech and 250 nodes: $395/year
    • 5 tech and 500 nodes: $995/year
  • Enterprise IT Help Desk + Asset Management + ITIL
    • 1 tech and 100 nodes: $495/year
    • 2 tech and 250 nodes: $995/year
    • 5 tech and 500 nodes: $2,995/year

11. myservicedesk.com


Hornbill offers award-winning technology that supports thousands of commercial and government customer sites around the world. Hornbill’s cloud-based IT service management solution is myservicedesk.com, which allows IT organizations to focus on service while leaving other issues to Hornbill.

Key Features:

  • Powered by Supportworks
  • On-demand training included free of charge
  • Access to Customer Portal for SelfService,with unlimited end users
  • Provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage the entire service lifecycle
  • Full support for business processes with all requests
  • ITSM with a human touch


  • myservicedesk.com PRO: $49/user/month with a 3-month contract – Cost effective, best practice service desk
  • myservicedesk.com EXPERT: $59/user/month with 12-month contract – All myservicedesk.com PRO plan features, plus configure myservicedesk.com to match your ITSM processes, tailor the solution to meet changing business needs, create up to 2 business service desks, and more
  • myservicedesk.com DEVELOPER: $99/user/month with 12-month contract – All myservicedesk.com EXPERT plan features, plus create an unlimited number of business service desks, access to developer environment, inclusive platform developer environment, and more

12. Freshservice


Freshservice offers “a modern IT service desk on the cloud.” Fresh service ensures that agents are able to support users with minimum difficulty while increasing productivity. Freshservice is a cloud-based IT management tool that helps agents and users become happier, due to its highly efficient service desk.

Key Features:

  • Agents can support users from anywhere with the app available on Google Play and the App Store
  • No need to host your own servers, manage licenses, or worry about patches
  • Incident management, problem management, change management, release management, asset management, and contract management
  • Knowledge base and service catalog


  • Sprout: FREE – Up to 3 agents and up to 100 free assets
  • Blossom: $29/agent/month billed annually – All Sprout plan features, plus CMDB, satisfaction surveys, time tracking, unlimited end users, and multiple Helpdesk emails
  • Garden: $49/agent/month billed annually – All Blossom plan features, plus problem management, change management, release management, and more
  • Estate: $79/agent/month billed annually – All Garden plan features, plus integrated game mechanics, round robin assignment, custom SSL and trusted IP, service catalog, and contract management

13. HiveManager NG

HiveManager NG

HiveManager NG, from Aerohive Networks, is a “next generation enterprise cloud-enabled network management solution.” Known for its simplicity and flexibility, HiveManager NG combines streamlined configuration workflows, real-time client and event monitoring, simplified troubleshooting, versatile RF planner tools, and API integrations.

Key Features:

  • Housed in Aerohive’s Cloud Services Platform
  • Simplified deployment
  • Centralized configurations
  • Centralized policy management
  • Dashboard with contextual filters and time range sliders
  • Monitor with historical views of devices, clients, alarms, and events
  • Held-desk optimized interface to triage client problems with actionable data for resolution that reduces escalation and provides better end-user experience

Cost: Contact for a quote

14. Pulseway


Remotely monitor and control IT systems securely from any smartphone or tablet using Pulseway, a cloud-based IT management tool. Pulseway is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, and any applications using the monitoring API.

Key Features:

  • Monitor everything, including real-time status, system resources, logged-in users, network performance, critical updates, SQL Server, and more
  • Receive instant alerts on critical issues that can lead to system failures
  • Define smart rules to fine-tune alert conditions and run specific tasks when triggered
  • Send commands from any smartphone or tablet to fix problems

Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote

15. Autotask


Autotask is an industry leader for IT business management software in the cloud. Autotask is accessible anywhere and has a 99.99% uptime with no hardware to maintain. IT professionals choose Autotask because it was built by IT professionals for IT professionals and is completely customizable.

Key Features:

  • Create your own custom dashboards
  • Choose from hundreds of widgets
  • Manage your business as you need to
  • Provide better, more responsive customer service
  • Powerful analytics provide insight that enables you to view your business from any angle, including problems, assets, and opportunities

Cost: Contact for a quote

16. Spiceworks


With Spiceworks, you get a cloud-based IT management tool that helps you “manage everything IT, for free.” Spiceworks simplifies all of your typical, day-to-day tasks, including inventory , network management, running your help desk, building a knowledge base, and more.

Key Features:

  • A single integrated app
  • Network inventory and mapping, network monitoring and alerting, license management, troubleshooting, reporting, and more
  • Run your help desk from the office or on the go
  • Includes Spiceworks Network Monitor, an easy-to-use, real-time interface that helps you stay in the know about what’s happening with critical systems so you can catch problems before your users do

Cost: FREE

17. LANDESK Management Suite

LANDESK Management Suite

LANDESK seeks to simplify IT management through systems lifecycle management, endpoint security, and IT service management solutions. Their cloud-based IT management took LANDESK Management Suite, delivers “IT systems management you can count on.” LANDESK Management Suite is a reliable solution that integrates with multiple IT solutions, boosts IT and user productivity, and results in a fast ROI.

Key Features:

  • Provides key decision-making data
  • Manage all users’ multi-platform desktops and mobile devices
  • Integrate several IT disciplines into a single management experience
  • Speeds software distribution
  • Ensures software license compliance
  • Simplifies OS provisioning, saves power costs
  • Provides secure remote control, and manages Mac OS X

Cost: Contact for a quote

18. HP Insight Online

HP Insight Online

With HP Insight Online, you get a cloud-based IT management tool that allows you to monitor your IT devices from anywhere, any time. Your IT resources can spend time focusing on expanding your business, rather than on providing support with HP Insight Online.

Key Features:

  • See everything IT from anywhere, any time so you can stay in formed and in control of your IT infrastructure
  • Save time with efficient contract, warranty, case, and service credit management
  • Decrease costs with 24×7 remote monitoring, automated cases, and parts replacement
  • Reduce risk by fixing problems faster and reducing downtime

Cost: Contact for a quote


19. Remedyforce


BMC Software “brings IT to life with IT management solutions that deliver an intuitive experience through both industrialization and high-speed innovation.” Their cloud-based IT management tool, Remedyforce, is built on the Salesforce Force.com platform to ensure high-speed IT and business service management. Remedy force is intuitive and powerful enough to enable enterprises to deliver digital services to accelerate business and enhance customer satisfaction.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive administration and configuration to keep you focused on delivering business value
  • Seamless upgrades ensure that you get the most value from your Remedyforce investment
  • Personalized self-service gives users new access to service offerings
  • Automation and integration reduce manual labor and streamline service delivery
  • Dashboards and analytics drive information sharing and informed decisions

Cost: Contact for a quote

20. Logentries


Logentries delivers an easy-to-use cloud service for log management and analytics. With Logentries, IT teams get easy search, Live Tail, and real-time alerting for free. You can begin collecting logs and analyzing real-time data in fewer than five minutes with Logentries.

Key Features:

  • Instantly search and visualize your most important log events as they happen
  • Aggregate, correlate, and filter log streams in real-time
  • Get immediate visibility into your systems
  • Integrate log data into existing tools, teams, and systems

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

  • FREE – Send up to 5GB/month with 7 day retention
  • Starter: $39/month – Send up to 30GB/month with 14 day retention
  • Pro: $99/month – Send up to 60GB/month with 30 day retention
  • Team: $265/month – Send up to 150GB/month with 30 day retention
  • Enterprise: Starts at $349/month – Variable data volumes with unlimited retention

21. Kaseya VSA

Kaseya VSA

With Kaseya solutions, MSPs and IT organizations effectively manage and secure IT in order to drive IT service and business success. Their cloud-based IT management tool delivers high quality IT management and security services that allow your team to do more with their existing resources.

Key Features:

  • Scalable, secure, and reliable IT management cloud solution
  • Manage all of IT from a single integrated console
  • Deliver higher service quality and achieve greater IT efficiency
  • Discovery and audit, inventory, monitoring, automation, security, remote management, mobility management, patch management, and more

Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote

22. SysAid Cloud

SysAid Cloud

SysAid is an all-in-one cloud-based IT service management tool that integrates all the essentials into one service desk and asset management platform. Never worry about upgrading, implementing servers, or using local resources when you choose SysAid as your cloud-based IT management tool.

Key Features:

  • Scalable as you grow
  • Cost effective so you can stop overspending on underused hardware and its associated maintenance costs
  • Gain more time for core IT tasks, as you no longer have to locally upgrade your help desk/ITSM solution or monitor the servers that host it

Cost: FREE trial available

23. CA Cloud Service management

CA Cloud Service Management

CA Technologies aims to help customers succeed in a future where every business is being “rewritten by software.” Their CA Cloud Service Management solution, formerly known as Nimsoft Service Desk, is a service management solution that intends to speed and streamline your service desk operations and reduce your complex and repetitive tasks. CA Cloud Service Management is a cloud-based IT management tool that features code-free configuration to help you simplify your IT service management processes, workflow, and integration.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use design and modern user experience to drive user adoption and empower employees to resolve and solve problems quickly without calling the help desk
  • Rapidly reduces the time needed to implement, maintain, upgrade, and start using
  • Mobility solutions, action-driven workflows, click-and-go automation, and more

Cost: Contact for a quote

24. ChangeGear Service Desk

ChangeGear Service Desk

SunView Software offers its cloud-based ChangeGear Service Desk, “a best-value service desk for any size organization.” This ITSM solution enables IT organizations to efficiently resolve requires and track, manage, and control IT services. ChangeGear also integrates key ITIL processes seamlessly.

Key Features:

  • Incident, problem, change, release, and knowledge management
  • Self-service portal
  • More than 100 advanced features, all designed to drive ease of use and process efficiency

Cost: Contact for a quote

25. NTR Cloud for ITSM

NTR Cloud for ITSM

NTRglobal offers SaaS remote management solutions for the help desk and ISTM. NTR Cloud for ITSM is their cloud-based IT management tool is a cost-effective solution that helps you secure your IT assets, plus update them and keep them running across Windows, Mac, and Linux devices.

Key Features:

  • Carry out a variety of actions in the assets module, including remote-control sessions, inventory checks, file transfers, tickets, and events
  • Track all help desk actions performed on remote computers to support customers and end users
  • Create tickets from the ticketing and assets modules or from events
  • Get an overview of exactly how your machines are performing, based on specific alerts that you define, with the events module

Cost: FREE trial available for 15 days; Contact for a quote

26. Octopus ITSM

Octopus ITSM

Octopus ITSM delivers a cloud-based IT management tool that is based on ITIL good practices and includes an agile integration approach. With Octopus ITSM, you can manage your requests, projects, and inventory efficiently and easily.

Key Features:

  • A complete solution with inventory and asset management, incident management, service request management, problem management, change management, access management, project management, event management, and more
  • License control
  • Centralized communications, including a chronological activity log that groups and publishes exchanges about requests
  • Highly advanced search function allows you to search everywhere in more than 800 fields


  • $60/user/month for 1-10 users
  • $40/user/month for 11-25 users
  • Contact for pricing for 26 or more users

27. ServiceNow IT Operations Management

ServiceNow IT Operations Management

ServiceNow offers service management for every department in the enterprise, including IT, human resources, facilities, and more. Their IT operations management solutions are  cloud-based IT management tools that help you simplify service delivery, mapping, and assurance, plus automate provisioning, monitoring, and more.

Key Features:

  • Consolidates resource data, including virtualized and cloud infrastructure environments, into a single system of record for IT
  • View how your resources are performing at all times
  • Automate key processes
  • Adopt a service-centric approach to mapping, delivery, and assurance

Cost: Contact for a quote



INSITE 3.0 is “the industry’s first and only cloud-based, ITIL v3 certified ITSM platform that runs as a native Salesforce application.” Organizations that choose INSITE 3.0 automate and simplify the delivery of ITIL best practices by utilizing Salesforce’s powerful workflow and approval engine.

Key Features:

  • Fully equipped with Salesforce.com’s Chatter collaboration application
  • Modular in nature, so you can start your service desk team with the modules they need and implement additional services at your own pace
  • Ease of implementation, requiring only a PC, router, and an internet connection

Cost: Contact for a quote

29. Monitis


A TeamViewer company, Monitis specializes in network, server, website, application monitoring, and more within an all-in-one monitoring platform. As a cloud-based IT management tool, Monitis helps you to monitor from anywhere, any time, so that you get non-stop visibility around the clock.

Key Features:

  • Unified dashboard includes website uptime and response time, server health, network performance, custom metrics, and more
  • Customize the display and view your data as you like
  • Get full control of you alerts by setting your triggers and then getting instant alerts via email, SMS, Twitter, or phone whenever something is wrong
  • Data center alerts you even if your network is down

Cost: FREE trial available for 15 days; Contact for a quote

30. Anturis


Anturis delivers IT infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting for SMBs. Their cloud-based monitoring service for servers, websites, and IT infrastructure is an IT management tool that does not require any extra hardware or software that you’ll have to take the time to buy, install, and maintain.

Key Features:

  • Monitor your website’s uptime and performance by checking for DNS, Ssl, HTTP, network, and application-level problems
  • Ensure visitors can successfully sign up, search, check out, log in, and more by utilizing synthetic transactions
  • Monitor servers’ resources utilization and software performance, including CPU, memory, swap, disk, OS processes, log files, and more

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

  • FREE – 5 monitors, 1 min. polling period, and unlimited email alerts each month
  • Small: $9.50/month – 10 monitors, 1 min. polling period, 10 SMS and voice alerts/month, unlimited email alerts each month
  • Medium: $39.90/month – 40 monitors, 1 min. polling period, 40 SMS and voice alerts each month, unlimited emails alerts each month
  • Large: $89.90/month – 100 monitors, 1 min. polling period, 100 SMS and voice alerts each month, unlimited email alerts each month
  • XL: $149.00/month – 200 monitors, 1 min. polling period, 200 SMS and voice alerts each month, unlimited email alerts each month

31. Monitor.us


Monitor.us is a cloud-based, all-in-one web and cloud systems monitoring service that enables you to “monitor everything, spend nothing.” This free all-in-one cloud-based IT management tools gives you total visibility in one dashboard, for free.

Key Features:

  • Gain clear visibility of your IT systems from anywhere
  • Quickly identify any issue affecting your website
  • Build better user experience for visitors and boost your profits
  • Monitor website uptime and response time, server health, network performance, custom metrics, and more with the all-in-one dashboard

Cost: FREE – Basic feature set, 30-minute monitoring frequency, 24-hour monitoring history, and monitor 2 locations

32. AlertSite UXM

AlertSite UXM

From SmartBear Software, AlertSite UXM is a single cloud-based IT management tool featuring one platform to proactively monitor APIs, mobile, web, and SaaS apps with root cause identification. Labeled “best in class synthetic monitoring for APIs, mobile, and web applications,” AlertSite UXM monitors 3 million API and web transactions daily, helping you to detect problems before your customers do.

Key Features:

  • Monitor APIs, web, and mobile applications
  • Detect problems and receive alerts
  • Benchmarking and SLA management
  • Root cause identification

Cost: FREE trial available

  • AlertSiteUXM FREE: FREE – Monitor a critical transaction for free, with no expiration date
  • AlertSite UXM PRO: $99/month – Ensure performance and SLA compliance of your application, service, or the third-party applications your company uses
  • AlertSite UXM ENTERPRISE: Contact for a quote – Unlimited flexibility and coverage to monitor all of your APIs, web, mobile, and SaaS business applications

33. Dotcom-Monitor


Dotcom-Monitor has been offering website monitoring since 1988. Today, Dotcom-Monitor offers monitoring, alerting, and reporting on website speed, web application performance, and server issues. Their cloud-based IT management tools allow you to trace the root cause of application performance failures, regardless of where the issues originate.

Key Features:

  • Initiates from outside of your network so you receive alerts, reports, and diagnostics that accurately reflect the performance your users see
  • Monitor page load performance at an element level and see internet speed in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and mobil browsers
  • Verify availability and performance of web services including HTTP, FTP, email/Exchange, SOAP, APIs, and more

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

  • Business: Starting at $5.99/month – Everything you need to monitor web performance including uptime, speed, and functionality
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote

34. NMSaaS


NMSaaS bills itself as “the first cloud based Network Management Software as a Service for medium and large enterprises around the world.” NMSaaS offers network discovery and mapping, application performance management, and fault management in one cloud-based product. This cloud-based IT management tool reduces the total costs of ownership and provides end-to-end visibility to your IT infrastructure so that you are better able to localize bottlenecks and eliminate them.

Key Features:

  • Asset discovery and mapping
  • Network and application performance
  • Fault and event management
  • External testing

Cost: Contact for a quote

35. Qualys Cloud Agent

Qualys Cloud Agent

Qualys offers cloud security and compliance solutions. Their Cloud Agent Platform is a cloud-based IT management tool that allows you to search across millions of IT assets in mere seconds, so that you can assess their security and compliance posture continuously.

Key Features:

  • Asset discovery
  • Network security
  • Web app security
  • Threat protection
  • Compliance monitoring

Cost: FREE trial availble

36. Big Panda


Big Panda ia a data science platform for centralizing and correlating all of your IT alerts, enabling you to detect and resolve critical issues more quickly. This cloud-based IT management tool makes it possible to automatically correlate up to 99% of your IT alerts while reducing time to detection, insight, and recovery.

Key Features:

  • Cluster alerts into organized, high-level incidents
  • Easily create custom monitoring views for any app, team, or cloud
  • Correlate between alerts, code deployments, and infrastructure changes in seconds
  • Easy access to metrics, runbooks, and all of your critical data


  • Standard: $149/month billed annually or $199/month paid monthly – 3 users, 1 connected system, 1 custom environment, silver level support, and more
  • Pro: $449/month billed annually or $599/month paid monthly – 10 users, 3 connected systems, 3 custom environments, gold level support, share via email and SMS, and more
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote – Customize the plan to fig your business needs, with platinum support

37. ACSI Network Monitoring Center

ACSI Connect

ACSI Connect’s Network Monitoring Center (NMC) is one of the industry’s first cloud-based network monitoring services. NMC offers network monitoring and reporting services that deliver “comprehensive visibility into network traffic, delivered through the cloud to a single pane of glass.”

Key Features:

  • Works across both single- and multi-vendor networks
  • Ensures high-quality user experience, all but eliminating help desk calls
  • Individually classifies a wide variety of applications, including video and voice streaming, instant messaging, file sharing, and email
  • Online dashboard facilitates collaboration among IT departments, executives, teachers, business managers, and others who need to understand the ties between network resource consumption and user satisfaction issues
  • Real-time reports present network data in an intuitive, easy-to-read, single pane of glass, allowing for quick diagnosis and remediation of performance issues

Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote

38. Bijk


Bijk offers Linux server monitoring, plus CPU, memory usage, Apache status, MySQL graphs, and more, all as a cloud-based IT management tool. IT professionals choose Bijk for its simple user interface and powerful alerts.

Key Features:

  • Get downtime alerts, overloaded help, and server performance
  • Share performance status and monitoring performance reports
  • 50 online graphs every 60 seconds
  • Email, SMS, and Android alerts

Cost: FREE trial available for 14 days

  • Single Plan: €7.95/month – 1 server, 15 SMS/100 email alerts per month, new data every 10 minutes, 1 year data retention
  • Basic Plan: €14.95/month – 2 servers, 50 SMS/1,000 email alerts per month, all graphs, new data every 5 minutes, 2 years data retention
  • Extra Plan: €29.95/month – 10 servers, 100 SMS/unlimited email alerts per month, all graphs, new data every 5 minutes, 2 years data retention
  • Complete Plan: €49.95/month – 30 servers, 250 SMS/unlimited email alerts per month, all graphs, new data every 5 minutes, and 3 years data retention
  • Partner Plan: Starts at €100/month – 31+ servers, 350 SMS/email alerts per month, all graphs, new data every 5 minutes, and 3 years data retention

39. Datadog


Datadog provides cloud-scale monitoring that lets you see your servers, clouds, metrics, apps, and team all in one place. It does so with turn-key integrations that allow Datadog to seamlessly aggregate metrics and events across the full Dev/Ops stack.

Key Features:

  • High-resolution metrics and events for manipulation and graphic
  • Search and correlate metrics and events
  • Share what you saw, write what you did, and get visibility across teams
  • Notifies you of performance problems, regardless of whether they affect a single host or a massive cluster


  • FREE – Up to 5 hosts, 1 day retention, custom metrics and events, discussion group supported
  • Pro: $15/host/month – Up to 500 hosts, 1 year retention, custom metrics and events, metric alerts, and email supported
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote – 500+ hosts, custom metrics and events, metric alerts, and email and phone supported

40. New Relic SERVERS


New Relic does data for 250,000 users, analyzing 690 billion data points per day across 4 million app instances. New Relic SERVERS is a cloud-based IT management tool that delivers server monitoring from the app perspective, so that you can determine the health of the application because you can see the server on which it runs.

Key Features:

  • See which servers have capacity issues so you can take corrective action
  • Get alerts for server health issues, including CUP utilization, memory utilization, disk I/O utilization, and disk capacity
  • See processes prioritized by memory or CPU consumption
  • Track server health availability in cloud, physical, or hybrid environments

Cost: Contact for a quote

41. Ruxit


Ruxit is a cloud-based IT management tool that offers application monitoring and analytics for DevOps. Ruxit automatically monitors applications, analyzes problems, and notifies you when something goes wrong.

Key Features:

  • Configuration is handled immediately, so you don’t need to adapt your applications or your continuous delivery pipeline to Ruxit
  • Scales to any size, and Smartscape view equips users with the ability to visually explore and manage multi-datacenter environments
  • Learns your entire application architecture automatically, so that it can intelligently select the right visualization for you, so that you can make sense of your data and environment

Cost: $0.15/hour and machine or contact if you have more than 20 hosts or a high-traffic site

42. SPM Performance Monitoring & Alerting

SPM Performance Monitoring & Alerting

Sematext offers performance monitoring, log and search analytics, and Solr and Elesticsearch consulting and support. Their cloud-based IT management tool, SPM Performance Monitoring & Alerting, is a proactive performance monitoring, anomaly detection, and alerting solution that also is available on premises.

Key Features:

  • Correlation of metrics, events, and logs
  • Graphing of customer metrics and correlation with application and server metrics, events, and logs
  • Anomaly detection and threshold-based alerting
  • Real-time graphs with zooming and panning

Cost: FREE trial available

  • Basic: FREE – 30-minute data retention, 10 custom metrics/month, 1 alert rule, and more
  • Standard: $0.035/server/hour – 30-day data retention, 50 customer metrics/month, 10 alert rules, and more
  • Pro: $0.070/server/hour – 60-day data retention, 250 custom metrics/month, unlimited alert rules, and more
  • Pro Silver: $0.085/server per hour – 180-day data retention, 500 custom metrics/month, unlimited alert rules, and more

43. Stackify


Stackify offers app performance and server monitoring, custom metrics, error tracking, log files, remote access, and more for developers and operations. Stackify is a cloud-based IT management tool that puts monitoring, errors, logs, and everything else developers need to support there apps, in one tool.

Key Features:

  • One integrated platform for dev and ops
  • Find and fix application problems quickly with one simple-to-use platform
  • Aggregate all of your application errors and receive alerts when a new error or high error rates occur
  • View all application logs together so developers are able to troubleshoot application problems quickly

Cost: FREE trial available

  • $15/server/month – Application and server monitoring, scale up/down with pay for use at $0.02/hour

44. Last Hop Automation

Last Hop Automation

Last Hop Automation is a cloud-based IT management tool that allows you to automate repetitive and time-consuming network management tasks. Simply put, Last Hop Automation is about compliance, job automation, and configuration management.

Key Features:

  • Ensure device compliance
  • Simplify configuration management
  • Time-saving automation, so you can easily create and execute custom jobs on a set of devices

Cost: Contact for a quote

45. Boundary


Boundary offers server and application monitoring “at cloud speed” with one second granularity. This cloud-based IT management tool for DevOps teams is designed to help you find problems faster.

Key Features:

  • Stream custom metrics and post directly to Boundary’s API or use their plugins
  • Monitor your apps, including MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Nginx, and more
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Infrastructure agnostic, so you can monitor cloud, VMs, and physical servers
  • Automation support for Chef and Puppet
  • Alert on any metric, custom or native, and notify your favorite third-party tools

Cost: FREE trial available for 14 days

  • FREE – 1 second metric resolution, unlimited alerting, 8 metrics/server, maximum of 10 servers, 24-hour data retention, and community support
  • Standard: $12/server/month paid monthly or $8/server/month paid annually – All FREE plan features, plus 20 metrics/server, unlimited number of servers, 30-day data retention, phone, email, and portal support, an more
  • Advanced: $15/server/month paid monthly or $12/server/month paid annually – All Standard plan features, plus unlimited number of metrics/server, unlimited app monitoring, unlimited custom metrics, a named technical success manager, and more

46. Keynote


Keynote’s mobile app monitoring is a cloud-based IT management solution for mobile application monitoring. With Keynote, you can check the performance and availability of your mobile app on smartphones and tablets any time, anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Conduct mobile app monitoring that checks for reliability at any phase to ensure SLA compliance
  • Accurately understand mobile app performance and availability
  • Fast and flexible, running on a global test and monitoring network with more than 7,000 measurement computers and mobile devices in more than 275 global locations
  • Instantly identify issues with your mobile app, including finding root causes, identifying patterns, and understanding the impact on your operations

Cost: Contact for a quote

47. Dynatrace


Formerly Compuware APM, Dynatrace is “a new generation of user-centric application performance management.” Their application monitoring tool is a cloud-based IT management tool helps you manage the performance of your critical applications, even those that are among the most sophisticated and complex. IT professionals choose Dynatrace because their APM platform contains a range of powerful APM tools from which to choose.

Key Features:

  • Dynatrace Application Monitoring captures response times and code-level context for all user transactions
  • Test and benchmark your app’s performance with Dynatrace’s cloud-based, globally distributed Synthetic Monitoring solution
  • Easy-to-use, deep-dive application monitoring tool for web and mobile applications

Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote

48. Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is a cloud-based IT management tool that enables IT professionals to manage and analyze all of their machine data. In fact, with Sumo Logic, your IT team gets a tool that helps to monitor, modernize, scale, and optimize IT infrastructure and operations.

Key Features:

  • Monitor complex workloads and migrations for errors, warnings, performance, and availability across cloud infrastructure stacks
  • Rapidly identify the root cause of issues and increase uptime
  • Spend less time managing incidents and more time getting innovative with new IT services
  • Designed for dynamic environments to modernize your management stack and meet your needs for elastic scale and lower TCO

Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote

49. Pingdom


A website monitoring service, Pingdom monitors sites and servers and alerts the owners when a problem is detected. IT professionals get everything they need for website monitoring with Pingdom’s reliable, easy-to-use monitoring service.

Key Features:

  • Uptime, real user, and transaction monitoring
  • Issues are verified by a second opinion to reduce false alerts by double-checking downtime
  • Root cause analysis
  • Incident management

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

  • Starter: $13.71/month – 10 checks, 1 real user monitoring site with 100,000 page views/month, 1 BeepManager Pro User, 20 SMS alerts on signup, bronze support with mail and chat
  • Standard: $42.13/month – 50 checks, 5 real user monitoring sites with 500,000 page views/month, 3 BeepManager Pro Users, 200 SMS alerts on signup, bronze support with mail and chat, and more
  • Professional: $182.42/month – 250 checks, 20 real user monitoring sites with 2,000,000 page views/month, 5 BeepManager Pro Users, 500 SMS alerts on signup, bronze support with mail and chat, and more
  • Enterprise: $453.75/month – 500+ checks, 200+ real user monitoring sites with 10 million+ page views/month, 15 BeepManager Pro Users, 1,000+ SMS alerts on signup, silver support with mail and chat and phone, plus premium support options, and more


We are sure we’ve missed some great tools out there, but we think this list should inspire the IT teams looking for some solid SaaS based IT management tools. Feel free to leave a comment with a SaaS based IT management tool that your team prefers.

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