Why Bird is the Word When it Comes to Cloud Migrations

Let’s talk migration, and no I’m not talking about millions of birds flying south for the winter. We’re talking about data migration, which can be just as painful and dangerous as an Arctic tern making its 24,000-mile migration trek almost exclusively over frigid waters.

It’s the farthest migrating bird in the world. But achieving that flight of fancy requires smart planning, adequate resources, and persistence.

Preparation is key to any successful cloud migration. But let’s face it, no one wakes up in the morning thrilled to start planning for a huge migration that has hundreds of opportunities to fail.

Migration isn’t fun. Most would say the best part of a migration is when it’s over. But it’s a necessary evil. This service enables you to move your customers from antiquated, difficult-to-manage servers and infrastructure to sweet new technology that makes your life (and theirs) exponentially easier.

Gartner expects public cloud services to grow 18% by the end of 2017, and it lists demand for (and migration to) cloud infrastructure as a primary driver of this growth.

3 Ways to Be an Arctic Tern During Cloud Migrations

1. Make IT Look Good

Remember what Will Smith’s character said to Tommy Lee Jones’ in Men in Black? “You know what the difference is between you and me? I make this look good.” It’s a classic left hook that’s sure to get a laugh, but there’s definitely some truth in the punchline.

Look at this bird. He’s clearly dressed for success, but unlike you, he woke up like this. Always aim to make a good first impression with clients, because migrations are stressful. Most clients will understandably be fearful of losing some of their data along the way.

Even though we know you’re just as awesome and capable whether you’re wearing a T-shirt and sneakers or a nice polo and loafers, clients often don’t.

Making a good first impression can help you win the client’s trust faster, thereby cutting down on red tape and micromanagement.

2. Avoid Skyscrapers & Feral Cats

Totally understandable for birds, but how does this translate for business owners? Simply put, choose a solid migration platform that’s going to set you up for success and help you avoid common migration setbacks.

3. Live Long & Prosper

Arctic terns can live up to 34 years. Not bad for a bird that makes a roundtrip flight of nearly 50,000 miles per year. To stand the test of time, you must nourish your company and employees with top-notch tools and resources that fuel a delightful in-flight experience for customers and technicians alike.


The Award-Winning Migration Tool MSPs Love

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