Boston New Technology Meetup November 2012 #bnt23

Thank you to all who attended and organized the Boston New Technology Meetup (#BNT23) held last evening (Tuesday, November 20, 2012) at Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge.

Each month, more than 200 entrepreneurs, technologists, and start-up enthusiasts enjoy dinner and networking before 6 companies make presentations. Founded by David Rafkind in January 2011, the format is modeled after the New York New Technology Meetup. While living in New York, he had attended many New Technology events and thought they were a wonderful way to spread ideas and meet people in the tech community. Years later, when he moved to Boston, he found some events, but none that had the vibe and energy of the New York New Technology group.  So he decided to start this group.

With more than 1,000 members, Boston New Technology Meetup has something to offer all who participate: The presenters, each of whom receives 5 minutes for a presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A), have a way to get their message out to a general technology crowd who are happy to share their opinions and offer feedback. Attendees get the opportunity to learn about new companies and novel ideas. Everyone also has the opportunity to network.

ProfitBricks CEO Bob Rizika Twitter (@rrizika) was proud to share the podium with:

  • Ron Ayotte of i4class – Revolutionize our classroom by bringing the power of the digital age to our teachers, students and parents
  • David Knezevic of Akselos – Software provides computer-aided engineering simulations much faster than established methods
  • Ronak Mehta of  Sweat For A Cause – Uses fitness to promote and benefit charitable causes
  • Grant Elgin of Nestwork – Web app manages insurance and home improvement projects in one place
  • Tim White of Chrysalis Guitar – Full-size, full-scale modular electric-acoustic guitar that travels in a violin-sized case

Click here to view some photos from the event.

Thank you again to Dave Rafkin, Chris Requena, and Alex Senchak for inviting ProfitBricks to participate in this wonderful event. Thanks again to all the attendees.

Are you actively involved in a technology or start-up organization and on the look-out for speakers? ProfitBricks would be happy to present to your group. Please contact us at