Cloud Computing and SaaS – Software Delivery in 2013

ProfitBricks is pleased to present this infographic, entitled “Cloud Computing and SaaS – Software Delivery in 2013.”

Businesses of all sizes are now embracing SaaS, but IT managers continue to grapple with the challenge of scaling their cloud infrastructure to effectively meet changing demands. Access this Infographic to learn how SaaS differs from other software delivery models, the history of SaaS, SaaS growth drivers, and the future of cloud computing.

Also, download our SaaS case study featuring SchoolBrains,  a global provider of sophisticated data management, analytical, and assessment solutions for PreK-12 school districts, who moved to Cloud-based delivery to reduce IT expenses and offer a high-performance user experience.

“Cloud Computing Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and specifically ProfitBricks, allows me to control the very high personnel costs that keep me awake at night. They are a true business partner,” adds Rob Pemberton, CEO at SchoolBrains. “The Cloud now gives me the freedom to hire the very best people, regardless of their location.”


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