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Setting Up a Cloud Infrastructure: 19 Cloud Experts Weigh in with the Most Critical Considerations for Businesses Implementing Cloud Infrastructure

Setting up cloud computing infrastructure requires substantial forethought and careful planning. A multitude of variables come into play, such as vendor lock-downs, API controls, site architecture, application mapping, and many others. Transitioning to the cloud without evaluating critical considerations could impede businesses from achieving a successful migration, therefore leaving the company at risk. Compared to just five years ago, the […]

Cloud Interview Series: Daniel Bardin from Tech II Business Services


Recently, ProfitBricks were sponsors, exhibitors and speakers at the ASCII Success Summit in Newark, NJ. ASCII. It was a successful event and we had a great time meeting with our valued MSP network as well as continued partnerships with many MSPs who are using the award-winning ProfitBricks cloud to demo, configure, deploy and manage complete data centers. We had a […]

Live Webinar – How MSPs are taking over the public cloud


Public Cloud growth is truly accelerating and Managed Service Providers are at the forefront of the Public Cloud takeover. 2014, was the pivotal year for MSPs, as the first-generation of clouds that were built for startups and developers gave way to the second-generation of cloud providers – that are engineered for a much broader scope of deployments including the workloads […]

49 Cloud Server & Cloud Infrastructure Implementation Tips

"Not all applications are good candidates for moving to the cloud. Before taking advantage of new applications built and developed for the cloud, it is best to start with a low-risk, back office (non-strategic) application before setting your sights on more ambitious targets." - Curtis Paradzick

Second generation cloud computing IaaS providers are making a cloud infrastructure implementation more painless, than ever before. But you’ll still want to do a needs analysis, do some planning, and get input from key business users.  You’ll also want to do some strategic planning to ensure that you’re selecting the right tools, the right cloud model, and the right applications for the […]

ASCII Roadshow – MSP Cloud Infrastructure Interest Accelerates – #ASCIISUCCESS


ProfitBricks, the leading Cloud Computing IaaS vendor for MSPs, sponsored, exhibited and spoke at this week’s ASCII Roadshow event in Newark, NJ.  We’ve been enjoying our first full year of supporting ASCII and have now met and partnered with many ASCII member MSPs that we’ve shared our painless cloud infrastructure approach with.  We won the ASCII Best Cloud Award for 2015 […]

DockerCon Day 2 – Talks on Docker in Production & New Enablement Tools

DockerCon - Business Insider Slide

ProfitBricks is a sponsor of DockerCon and below we share the highlights of Day 2. Running Docker in Production has been the theme of DockerCon 2015 and day two continues the theme with announcements around their DockerHub and Registry products. Before they unveiled everything, Docker shared some amazing stats with the audience during the keynote presentations. DockerHub currently has: 240,000+ users […]

DockerCon Day 1 – News About The Great Container Race To Build A Better Ship


ProfitBricks is a sponsor of DockerCon and the team and I are happy to share a concise summary of the key announcements and our learnings at DockerCon. Docker outlined the next big goals for the company with multiple announcements on the first day of DockerCon 2015. Solomon Hykes, founder and CTO, shared various statistics: 50% of Docker’s source code is plumbing; […]

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