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ASCII Roadshow – Recap & why MSP clouds are accelerating #ASCIISUCCESS


We’ve just wrapped up a great two days at the ASCII IT SMB Success Summit in Washington DC, networking and catching up with MSPs and hearing about their plans to help their clients with the transition to the public cloud. In 2015, we are seeing more and more MSP clouds growing rapidly. The ASCII Group’s IT SMB Success Summit roadshow is an […]

Cloud Hosting Opportunity for MSP and System Integrator Markets

Generation Cloud: The Market for MSPs and System Integrators in Transition

With interest in the public cloud gaining significant momentum, it is important for Managed Service Providers, (MSPs) to understand what part they are playing in the IT transformation to the cloud and market for cloud hosting products and services. It also now apparent that MSPs are simply demanding more from their cloud service provider, with an increased need for flexibility […]

VMware Virtualized Data Centers and their Migration Path to the Cloud

White Paper cover: VMware Data Centers and their Migration Path to the Public Cloud

Here is a stat you won’t forget: VMware has over 50% market share for the 70%+ of corporate IT environments that have been virtualized in the last decade. That speaks of millions of consolidated servers and the efficiency gains that only virtualization can bring to a data center. And, in 2015 VMware has stated repeatedly that over 85% of those […]

Top 18 Tips & Quotes on the Challenges & Future of VMware Licensing

"As companies reach the 80% to 90% virtualized server inventory threshold, VMware licensing becomes a target for cost savings." - Keith Townsend

With second-generation cloud providers taking the world of cloud computing by storm, one is left to wonder whether on-premise VMware environments and licensing is still the best bet for enterprises and companies of all sizes. Once the go-to solution, VMware’s virtualization platform was never without its share of challenges, but now companies are beginning to look to newer and more […]

49 Best IT Management SaaS Tools of the Trade for Managing IT in the Cloud

Logic Monitor

IT management is so broad that it encompasses network management, app monitoring, server monitoring, app development, data security, IT project management, IT asset management, change control, telecommunications, networking, and tech support, as well as basic management functions. IT managers face challenges and difficulty because the amount of data is increasing and their information technology systems are highly vulnerable to security breaches. […]

DevOps Cloud Automation With Ansible #DevOps


Ansible is one of the most lightweight IT automation tools on the market. Due to this fact it has become quite popular to use it for various DevOps cloud automation with Ansible includes the ability to handle tasks such as configuration management, rolling upgrades, software deployments, and more advanced orchestration tasks. We have spent time coding and subsequently contributing various […]

Chef DevOps Cloud Automation #DevOps

Chef DevOps Cloud Automation

Chef is the leading configuration management tool. The pitch is that it allows you to turn infrastructure into code using templates called cookbooks. We are happy to announce that you can now manage and deploy ProfitBricks cloud infrastructure and use the Chef DevOps Cloud Automation tool using our new Chef plugin. This plugin integrates into the most recent release of […]

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