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The DevOps movement is sweeping across the IT landscape and bulldozing the old “throw it over the wall approach” by joining the Development and Operations teams.  If you don’t know the analogy, it’s a reference to the old school “developers write software code” and “operations teams run applications on hardware”. Today, modern teams are embracing DevOps and leveraging DevOps toolsets, Cloud APIs, Cloud Libraries and SDKs.

The influence of the agile movement in software development processes and the impact that the cloud and its disposable infrastructure is changing the way software is developed, tested, deployed, and managed. These are exciting times, folks! In fact, we have DevOps-Central-Community-ProfitBrickscustomers who have implemented creative architectures and automation that is nothing short of inspiring for those of us that have been around for a while.

Today we are announcing several initiatives that will serve the DevOps community and will build a strong foundation for a multi-cloud world where workloads are automated down to the CPU core using Cloud APIs, Cloud Libraries and SDKs. While IT teams without DevOps skills already benefit from the ProfitBricks unique ability to provide painless cloud infrastructure, we’re working hard to give DevOps pros a painless way to interact with our cloud programmatically.

Formal launch of DevOps Central

The DevOps Central website was in preview for the last few months and is already experiencing astonishing growth. It now has over 20,000 unique visitors per month and it’s still growing. The community and visitors are benefitting from unique tutorials and discussions. From articles on hot tools like Kubernetes, to clear and concise documentation on installing MySQL on CENT OS, they are written and designed to be clear and concise.

We’re also offering DevOps Central users a massive discount for their development and test infrastructure. While ProfitBricks is known as the price/performance leader, we’ve also got a special offer on top of our already low pricing: a 33% off all ProfitBricks pricing. That means that the entire bill for any virtual data center deployed in our DevOps data center will be billed at a 33% discount. All data centers deployed in this location get early access to new features plus all of the benefits of the ProfitBricks cloud. The DevOps Central data center special SLA applies to all of the data centers deployed there. Get the details here.


Our SOAP API has been available since our launch and has proven very popular for automating ProfitBricks high-performance and uber-flexible IaaS platform. With more calls and granular control, developers appreciate its ability to abstract and automate all ProfitBricks cloud infrastructure features, from compute to storage to networking. In fact, our own Data Center Designer (a cloud design and management tool), is written against this SOAP API. Today, we are launching our RESTful API. The REST API has been designed to be convenient to developers with your favorite HTTP methods: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH. The RESTful API has complete coverage like our SOAP API and has enhanced usability such as pagination and LAN management. Check out the documentation here.

Multi-Cloud Libraries

For a few years now the popularity of multi-cloud libraries has continued to grow, as we are years off (if ever) from having a universal API for cloud infrastructure. That’s ok though – today ProfitBricks is launching support for three popular libraries. Each library is written for a specific language and enables DevOps teams the freedom to write code once, and leverage multiple clouds or move from one cloud to another cloud as needed.

LibCloud – the oldest and most popular multi-cloud library and an Apache top level project for Python developers now supports ProfitBricks, Rackspace, and other providers. More information and documentation can be found here.DevOps Central Cloud Libraries Fog jclouds libcloud ProfitBricks

Fog – a rapidly growing library that supports Ruby developers and their requirements to automate cloud infrastructure across cloud platforms like ProfitBricks. More information and documentation can be found here.

jclouds ® a popular library for Java developers and, like LibCloud, part of the Apache top level projects it now supports cloud platforms like ProfitBricks and AWS. More information and documentation can be found here.


SDKs make software development easier and we’ll be launching several of them in the coming weeks.

Today we are announcing the new Python SDK for ProfitBricks.  It’s written against the new REST API and it both abstracts and provides complete coverage for all current ProfitBricks REST API functions. The library is very specific to ProfitBricks, and exposes advanced functionality you won’t find in the multi-cloud libraries like LibCloud, jclouds and Fog. More information and documentation can be found here.

DevOps Central promotion

What are you going to build? Automating infrastructure is an amazingly powerful way to run your IT. Check out our DevOps Central website today, or signup and get your 33% DevOps professional discount. And feel free to contact me anytime – I’d like to hear about your use of our DevOps toolset.

– Achim