An Expert Checklist For Selecting a Cloud Service Provider

Cloud computing offers significant benefits to businesses both large and small — allowing them to have their applications developed, tested and in production faster, improving manageability and with less maintenance, enabling IT to more rapidly adjust resources to meet fluctuating and unpredictable business demand.


However, Cloud services continue to rapidly mature, and complicating everything is that there are no common set of products, features, and pricing among vendors.  Needless to say, the selection of a Cloud Computing Infrastructure as a Service Provider can be somewhat daunting.

ProfitBricks has prepared a comparison checklist to help you and your team to perform a side-by-side evaluation of Cloud Computing IaaS providers. Based on thousands of conversations with customers and industry experts, it will help the various stakeholders on your team to quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of the short-listed providers. You can even use it to develop your own RFP.

Finally, If you would like an example of a filled-out checklist, please send an email to We’ll send one right over to you.

Checklist Topics include:

  •     General Reference
  •     Getting Started
  •     The Product
  •     Product Usage
  •     Performance
  •     Network Infrastructure and Data Center
  •     Security, Data Segregation, and Compliance
  •     Customer Service and Technical Support
  •     Billing Methodology and Pricing
  •     Total Cost of Ownership
  •     Financial Security
  •     Service Level Agreement

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