Infographic: Gaming Development Financial Realities

In honor of #GDC2013 going on this week in San Francisco, ProfitBricks is pleased to present this infographic, entitled “Gaming Development – The Financial Reality Behind Great Ideas.” People at the show are confirming what we already suspected: gaming is moving into the cloud.  As thin clients in browsers, on laptops, or on mobile devices, continue to grow in popularity, they need a back-end to store data and process large environment mechanics, while the front end focuses on graphics and the human interactions.

What better place to run that than on the most flexible public cloud on the market?  In the dozen+ demonstrations I did on the GDC2013 expo floor on Wednesday validated, thin client developers want vertical scaling. This lets them simplify the back end programming model compared to the chore of horizontal scaling and focus on feature development, where they can better utilize their precious coding time on drawing in more customers.






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