Infrastructure Automation Ecosystem Landscape [infographic]

Software is eating hardware at an ever increasing pace. Cloud, DevOps, SDN, NFV, SDDC, and APIs are all rapidly evolving to provide a rich set of tools for infrastructure automation.

infrastructure automation ecosystem landscape infographic

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Developers and Operations professionals are leveraging infrastructure as code to build scalable, secure, and highly available cloud-native apps and also leveraging these tools to migrate the legacy apps out of the 8.6 million data centers in the world today. Over on The New Stack, Matt Baldwin, head architect at ProfitBricks, has written a lengthy post about how modern software architecture teams are using these and leverage infrastructure as code me to build new applications and automate infrastructure.

This infographic is our attempt to look holistically at the Infrastructure Automation landscape and identify the companies that are leading the way forward.

Infrastructure Automation Ecosystem Landscape Categories:

Collaboration, BI Monitoring, Database, Development, Cloud IaaS, Microservices, Release Management, Configuration Management, Configuration Provisioning, Networking, Testing, Logging, Source Code Management, Repo Management, Security, Provisioning

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This is V1.0 of the infographic and we expect there to be a lot of movement in this ecosystem throughout 2016. In fact, most of these companies did not even exist or were just in stealth mode two years ago.

We encourage the community to contribute to this project and make category suggestions or add new companies. We would love to hear your feedback! Please leave us a comment with your suggestions or companies we should include in the next update.