How Intelligent Cloud Infrastructure Can Minimize Shadow IT

The cloud has simplified the lives of many, enabling individuals to quickly gain access to the services they need, but there are a few drawbacks. In their quest to turn on mission-critical services faster, corporate employees have taken matters into their own hands, going directly to cloud service providers instead of directing requests to the IT department.

Referred to as “shadow IT”, this practice leaves organizations vulnerable to configuration errors that could result in costly data exposure or loss. In fact, the GDI Foundation identified nearly 175,000 cases of cloud misconfiguration in 2017 alone.

While alarming, this problem can be solved.

Meeting the Demand for Speedier Service

It’s the desire to be up and running faster that drives employees to take to the cloud, without asking IT for permission. To overcome this challenge, IT departments need to find a way to provide services more quickly. Intelligent, cloud-based storage solutions like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) can help. Here’s how – IaaS enables IT teams to:

  • Scale faster
  • Turn on services more quickly
  • Gain usage insights via embedded sensors
  • Maintain network oversight and health

With this type of solution, technicians no longer have to schedule time to go into a physical data center and add or replace storage. Instead, it’s available with the click of a button.

Integrated Service Delivery

Logging in and out of 15 different portals to deploy a new cloud services package to your clients is frustrating and time consuming. Intelligent infrastructure solves this problem by eliminating bottlenecks, scaling up and down to meet capacity needs, and providing the necessary integration to seamlessly set up an entire suite of services in a matter of minutes.

IaaS is a part of an integrated cloud solution that empowers IT departments to deliver a high-performance experience previously only attainable by the Fortune 500.

Only Pay for What You Use

Instead of getting stuck in the land of tiered pricing, consider selecting an IaaS provider that offers usage-based pricing. This means you only pay for what you use. This model can save you a significant amount of revenue over the course of a year.

While heavy-hitters like Amazon lock you into broad-tier pricing, IaaS provider ProfitBricks is different. We only charge you for what you actually use, so you’ll never find yourself in the awkward position of explaining why you’re paying for excess storage your organization doesn’t need.

Deeper Insights

When you build your infrastructure in the cloud, you gain embedded sensing, greater computing power, and solution-to-solution communication tools. Each cloud solution can connect with and talk to other products in your solution suite, enabling them to notify you when something is amiss—like a new employee incorrectly being granted administrative permissions.

Empowered with this data intelligence, you can shut down poor shadow IT practices before they open your organization up to vulnerabilities.

Take to the Cloud the Right Way

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