Interviews on Cloud: Brian Godsey, Founder at Unoceros

Next in our Interviews on Cloud video series from Structure Conference, where we interviewed several influential cloud computing industry experts and thought leaders, ProfitBricks introduces Brian Godsy, founder and data scientist at Unoceros.

Interviews on Cloud: Brian Godsey, Founder at Unoceros

Interviews on Cloud: Unoceros Brian Godsey (@brian_godsey on Twitter), is founder and data scientist at Unoceros, a promising new startup looking to disrupt the cloud computing industry with their radical idea to “tap into the unused computing power of mobile devices all over the world to bring together a high performance distributed computing network.” The optimization of existing hardware is environmentally friendly and the high performance network’s scalability will not only be infinite, but will be geared to handle intensive workloads, and be massively cheaper than solutions currently available on the market.

Their revolutionary concept of crowdsourcing computing power is now in its final stages. Unoceros is now working to finish development, testing, and refinements on the first version of their product and expect to take on their first round of customers during the first quarter of 2016. People, especially app developers, will be incentivized to join the Unoceros network via an app, REST API, or web-based interface. The first wave of customers will be able to start with 60,000 hours of compute power per month for free.

Watch the video to hear even more from Brian Godsey. Brian talks more about his background, the development and future of Onoceros, and more.

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