Interviews on Cloud: David Mytton of Server Density

Our recently launched Interviews on Cloud video series, we feature some of the industry’s most influential cloud computing thought leaders and luminaries. At Structure Conference in San Francisco, we interviewed a number of such people, like Jerry Chen of Greylock Partners, asking them to tell us what they think about the Internet Infrastructure space right now and their thoughts about upcoming trends in 2016.

An Interview with Cloud Expert, David Mytton, CEO and Founder of Server Density

Server Density LogoMeet David Mytton of Server Density, a company offering server systems and availability monitoring that “doesn’t suck.” This London based company has been in operation for six years, with staff spread across the United Kingdom, Portugal, and Spain. David, and a friend of his, started the company back in 2009, while he was attending university and working part-time at a startup. The company had a few servers that required monitoring and David found all the open source tools available at the time to be “horrifically complicated.” So much so, that he felt it would take them more time to manage their monitoring than it would to run their own business. An idea was born and later, upon launching Server Density, David and his co-founder had paying customers using their SaaS model within a few months. Today, Server Density is “helping 1000+ customers monitor 80,000+ servers” that collect 2+ billion metrics daily.

In this cloud computing expert interview, David who spoke on a panel at Structure about the increasingly hot industry topic of security, tells us encryption is becoming a huge concern for business today. With a vast number of data breaches and cyber attacks occurring more frequently, he feels that companies need to figure out how to deal with security and encryption and what it means to the public cloud.

Additionally, David touches on the subject of containers, another big industry topic. With the concept of containers being so new and the fact there really is no standard containerization method just yet, his company is waiting until 2016 to release their new container monitoring product, partnering with the likes of Kubernetes and Docker. Click here to get early access to ProfitBricks Docker hosting platform.

Watch the video to hear more of what David Mytton has to say.

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