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If you’re a developer or operations pro, come and join us over at DevOps Central. DevOps Central is the ProfitBricksDevOps Homepage community for DevOps professionals, where you can engage with like-minded community members, share knowledge and discover many different tutorials including how to set up your Docker registry in the cloud, setting up port forwarding using OpenSSH and SOCKS proxies as well as learning how to deploy a Kubernetes cluster – DevOps Central has you covered.

Setting Up Docker Registry 2.0 Using Cloud Storage

The Docker registry is a highly scalable server side application that lets you distribute Docker images. The primary default registry is called DockerHub which a free-to-use, hosted Registry that includes additional features such organization accounts, automated builds, and more. This tutorial will show how to install and configure your Docker Registry 2.0 using cloud storage.

OpenSSH Port Forwarding and SOCKS Proxy

SSH port forwarding can be extremely convenient and flexible so this tutorial on DevOps Central will show you how to set up OpenSSH Port Forwarding and SOCKS Proxy. We will give you an overview of local port forwarding for both simple and multiple ports, as well as a remote and SOCKS port forwarding overview.

Deploy a Multi-node Kubernetes Cluster on CentOS 7

Kubernetes is an open source container management system that allows the deployment, orchestration, and scaling of container applications and micro-services across multiple hosts. In this tutorial, we explain the installation and configuration of a multi-node Kubernetes Cluster on CentOS 7.

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