The Lure of Cloud Applications & Infrastructure

To succeed in business, you must follow the money. And in the managed services space, the cloud—more specifically the public cloud—is where the money is to be made. While private cloud opportunities evaporate, public and hybrid opportunities are booming, to the tune of an 18% market uptick by the end of 2017, followed by an additional 55% increase by the end of 2020.

The Rise of the Hybrid Cloud

According to research firm IDC, 80% of enterprise companies will adopt hybrid cloud architectures by 2018. This format is becoming more desirable as large corporations seek to gain the security, cost-savings, and instant scalability that only a hybrid cloud approach can deliver.

For companies apprehensive about letting key data analysis functions live in a public cloud, a hybrid solution provides a healthy alternative, enabling the organization to retain certain activities on a private cloud while pushing other data into the public cloud. Additionally, in high-traffic times, certain processes can even be set up to “burst” from the private to public cloud, ensuring there’s no gap in uptime.

Benefits of Using Cloud Applications

Cloud applications help companies get access to essential business tools faster. Instead of having to manually house large software programs on each machine, cloud applications free users to tap into all the business tools they need via the internet. By sending server and storage burdens skyward, enterprises can avoid having to make costly hardware investments.

Top cloud application benefits include:

  1. Simplified operations
  2. Scalability
  3. Improved data sharing and security
  4. Ability to use APIs
  5. Cost savings


With benefits like these, it’s no wonder more companies are becoming comfortable with the idea of moving additional business processes into the cloud.

The Race for Data Centers

As public cloud growth continues to surge with seemingly no end in sight, many cloud vendors are scrambling to add strategic data center locations. ProfitBricks Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is certainly no exception. The company recently added a top-of-the-line data center on the Eastern Coast of the United States, a move that gives North American managed service providers (MSPs) another reason to consider moving over to the margin-rich, highly reliable, and scalable ProfitBricks IaaS platform.

As you look to move into the cloud services space, make sure the vendors you’re considering can commit to delivering an adequate level of data center coverage, to help you deliver 99.95% uptime even if the unthinkable happens.

Faster Insights

With tools designed specifically to aggregate, automate, and report on enterprise activity and performance, it’s becoming easier for large corporations to use cloud applications to mine their own data and drive better decision-making across the organization.

Smooth Business Operations

Service continuity matters, especially when you’re trying to earn your trusted advisor status in the eyes of your customers. Certain cloud solutions, like ProfitBricks IaaS, can actually help facilitate smooth operations during the transition to the cloud because they integrate with other application to make migration easy.

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