Managed Services – Why HA & DR Solutions Should Be Baked In

Delivering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) plus basic cyber security isn’t enough anymore. Threats come in many forms—both virtual and physical. Just this month, PwC UK released a report detailing an emerging war waged by cybercriminals that targets Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Coined Operation Cloud Hopper by PwC UK, this campaign uses a custom toolset and sophisticated malware to quietly compromise MSPs’ internal networks and exploit their customers’ sensitive data. This trend is only expected to grow in the coming months and years because MSPs have proven to be such high-payoff targets.

While anti-malware solutions do their best to keep pace with increasingly sophisticated and covert threats, developing patches takes time. Even with security solutions in place, it’s entirely possible that your network, as well and your customers’, could be infiltrated and exploited.

Lesser-Known Risks

While the media focuses mostly on high-profile cyberattacks like Operation Cloud Hopper or ransomware attacks that target healthcare facilities, there are other threats that could prove just as effective at undermining your system.

For instance, the simple act of an employee unwittingly hanging something from a sprinkler in your office could cause costly water damage in your facility. Let’s consider your building’s infrastructure, too. Is there a bathroom located directly above your data center? If so, a plumbing incident could lead to a network catastrophe.

All this is to say, it doesn’t take much to injure an IT network. Whether by malicious attack or unintentional design flaw, your network—and your customers’ networks, too—could go down.

High Availability You Can Count On

For these reasons, you need a backup plan, one that will keep systems operational and recoverable should a malicious piece of code breach your defenses.

That’s where Visions Solutions Double-Take comes into play. Minimizing downtime and recovery headaches should you experience an outage, Double-Take High Availability (HA) ensures there is near 0 data loss when your server fails over to the backup.

Instead of losing days or hours of data, you can minimize that loss to less than 5 minutes with Double-Take. Its real-time data replication capability provides users with significantly more comprehensive coverage than just taking snapshots, which is what most HA solutions do.

Disaster Recovery to the Rescue

Whether it comes in the form of lost productivity or a hit to your customer satisfaction score, downtime costs money. If you guarantee your customers’ a certain level of uptime, you could even find yourself in the awkward position of reimbursing clients for downtime.

Protect uptime with Vision Solutions Double-Take Disaster Recovery (DR). By giving you the ability to backup virtually any Windows-based device in just a few hours, this solution can help you effectively deliver on the SLAs you’ve promised.

The Proactive Approach Wins

Your customers rely on you to be their trusted advisor, bringing new solutions forward that will help them avoid costly mistakes—like hanging a happy birthday sign from an office sprinkler head.

Help clients recover from unexpected setbacks faster with Double-Take High Availability & Disaster Recovery solutions.

These solutions integrate with ProfitBricks, and can collectively help you ensure your clients’ networks are up, running, and moving business forward. Learn more about Vision Solutions Double-Take High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions now.