Top DevOps Meetups & Their Leaders: 49 Meetups For DevOps Pros

DevOps Princeton

The DevOps movement has taken software development and IT operations teams by storm. DevOps (development and operations collaborating) is rapidly expanding. DevOps is so new and so all encompassing, that people still aren’t sure exactly how to characterize it. The Agile Admin practically defines DevOps as “the practice of operations and development engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle, from […]

Cloud Expo Day 2 Summary #CloudExpo

Achim Weiss Speaking at ProfitBricks Cloud Expo 2015

Day 2 of Cloud Expo in Santa Clara, California opened with an inspiring keynote from Jason Bloomberg, president of Intellyx, and industry expert on architecting agility for enterprise environments. Keynote talk on enterprise agility The ProfitBricks team was especially impressed with Jason’s talk about how digital transformation involves more organizational change than simple technology change and how today’s businesses need […]

Cloud Expo Day 1 Summary #CloudExpo

Cloud Expo #CloudExpo Santa Clara 2015

The ProfitBricks team arrived in Silicon Valley at the Santa Clara Convention Center for Cloud Expo where we are sponsoring, exhibiting and speaking at one of cloud computing’s premiere events. At last night’s welcome reception we had a number of quality conversations about your future plans for the cloud and we extend the invite to come visit our booth for a […]

Cloud Case Study: Cloud Pharmaceuticals


ProfitBricks presents a new cloud case study from North Carolina-based drug design company Cloud Pharmaceuticals, who are leveraging cloud computing technology to become more efficient, save more money, thanks to the flexibility and minute-based pricing of the ProfitBricks cloud. Choosing ProfitBricks as their cloud provider resulted in a 45% savings for Cloud Pharmaceuticals. Cloud Pharmaceuticals specialize in drug design and […]

Join ProfitBricks at Cloud Expo in Santa Clara

Cloud Expo Santa Clara ProfitBricks Cloud Computing

ProfitBricks is thrilled to once again take part in the Cloud Expo Conference being held in Santa Clara, California on November 3-5, 2015. Renowned for being the “largest distributed cloud event in the world”, this conference brings together industry experts who will discuss topics including big data, DevOps and cloud computing via a series of keynotes, panels, and networking events. We’ll […]

Top Cloud Computing Meetups & Leaders: 46 Meetups for Cloud Pros Worth Attending

Russell Pavlicek

Cloud storage and cloud computing are more than just buzzwords. They are the driving forces behind some of the world’s largest corporations, and they are providing advantages for consumers and businesses alike. In fact, a report by CompTIA reveals that 90% of businesses use some level of cloud computing, which is a testament to the growth of the cloud industry. […]

Join our Live Webinar – How To Add Recurring Revenue with ProfitBricks Cloud Infrastructure


Public cloud growth is truly accelerating. According to IDC, there are 8.6 million data centers, server rooms and closets and most of that infrastructure is headed towards the public cloud and Managed Service Providers are at the forefront of the public cloud takeover. 2014 was the pivotal year for MSPs, as the first-generation of clouds that were built for startups […]

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