PowerShell DevOps Cloud Automation #DevOps

Summertime is here and we’ve been humming along on some new releases. To start the season, we’d like to announce support for PowerShell with our handy new module found here. With this Windows engineers can now take programmatic advantage of ProfitBricks and the functionality found in the Cloud API all through familiar tooling.

You can now do things like create servers from your local Windows machine by issuing a single, simple command:

This will build a machine in the Virtual Data Center you’ve specified using the image you’ve specified. We allow you to atomically set your ram and cores. This can be adjusted later, too, by issuing an update:

Once commands execute you can interact with the output as you would with any other PowerShell module. For example, if you wanted to view the newly created server you could simply type $server which will dump all the information for the machine.

Windows administrators can now write scripts that automate taking and rotating snapshots. You can issue the command:

This will create a snapshot named “Nightly” and will show up when you pull a list of your snapshots:

But, before you create any snapshots, you may want to create and attach a data volume. This is easily done:

then just attach it by doing:

Our PowerShell module allows you to not only manage servers, LANs, and firewall rules, but also everything else within your ProfitBricks environment, such as volumes, NICs, and so on. This continues our work to expand the variety of tools an engineer or developer can use to manage their infrastructure.

Drop by the DevOps Central community if you have questions or suggestions.