ProfitBricks Cloud Computing News Selections: Week of 6-24-2013

Here is the latest edition of ProfitBricks’ weekly roundup of news, content and conversations about Cloud Computing.

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Small and midsize companies in the cloud reap security, privacy and reliability benefitsMore Clouds
Microsoft, Posted: June 11, 2013
Summary: Microsoft study shows 94 percent of small and midsize companies gain security advantages, contradicting perceptions that hold others back from adoption.

Survey of 542 IT Leaders Finds Cloud Pays, but Problems Remain (With Infographic)
Computer Associates Blog, Posted: June 11, 2013
Summary: CA commissioned two research organizations, Luth Research and Vanson Bourne, to find out if the cloud has been living up to its hype. The researchers surveyed 542 global IT leaders at companies with revenues of $500 million and above, and the reports have now been compiled and analyzed. IT leaders reported that the cloud’s benefits actually exceeded the hype in nearly all categories, with a couple of small exceptions.

Fathers of Clouds – A Tribute
Blog – Cloud Musings by Kevin L. Jackson, Posted: June 14, 2013
Summary: Utility computing. Time share. Thin client. SaaS. PaaS. IaaS. While concepts have been added and capabilities grown, cloud computing was no more invented by Amazon or other modern vendors in the last seven years reality invented by reality shows. It’s simply been advance, repackaged and repurposed for as long as computer connectivity has existed. In honor of Father’s Day, this article looks up the family tree of cloud computing to say thank you to six of the fathers of cloud computing.

Why Cloud Computing Is About More Than Saving Money
Cloud Business Review, Posted June 17, 2013
Summary: Nucleus Research analyzed 70 case studies of businesses adopting SaaS and found that the ROI of these services was 1.7 times better than that of on-premises apps, mainly because hosted services offer greater benefits in the long run without a significant increase in costs.

Profiting from the Cloud: How to Master Software as a Service
Bamboo Innovator, Posted: 6/18/2013
Summary: The $15 billion global software as a service (SaaS) business is growing at about three times the rate of traditional, on-premises software. SaaS represents 12 percent of global spending on enterprise applications, and cloud-based applications are already firmly entrenched in a handful of corporate IT categories. This article offers advice as to how software companies can take advantage and offer Cloud-based SaaS applications.

Developing Cloud-Based SaaS Web Applications
Dice, Posted June 18, 2013
Summary: The demand for Web development skills needed to design, build and deploy Software as a Service applications should continue to increase over the next several years as more companies seek solutions tailored to the capabilities of the cloud. According to blogger Dave Key, designing software for SaaS is fundamentally different from designing software for the more traditional client/server model in terms of architecture, user interface design and the exposure and use of APIs. He offers key points for SaaS developers to consider: