ProfitBricks Performance Tests Report Update

ProfitBricks has a program of continuously testing and benchmarking many components of our IaaS platform.

In July of 2012 ProfitBricks published a performance report from Cloud Spectator.  That report (available here) included a series of benchmarking tests against our Cloud Computing Infrastructure as a Service platform. We will be publishing an update to this report and making it public on a regular basis.

Since July of 2012 we have continued to enhance our platform while it was available to the public as a preview.  We continuously run a program of benchmark tests to ensure new builds of the platform and any changes made by the networking or operations teams do not cause the service to deliver results outside of expectations.

In August of 2012 we commissioned Cloud Spectator to publish updated results, outside of our regular  update.  Their updated results are available here: IaaS Cloud Peroformance Comparison: ProfitBricks VS. Amazon and Rackspace (UnixBench and Iperf)