ProfitBricks Weekly Cloud Computing News Roundup: 8/2/13

Here is the latest edition of ProfitBricks’ weekly roundup of news, content and conversations about Cloud Computing.
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5 unique benefits of cloud computingswitch-gallery22
CXOtoday   Posted July 25, 2013
Summary: Joe McKendrick, a contributor for Forbes, writes about the unexpected benefits that emerge as cloud projects are immense.

Companies missing out on cloud opportunities: Accenture
ZDNet   Posted: July 26, 2013
Summary: Some businesses are not utilizing cloud to its fullest, according to IT services company Accenture.

When Private Cloud is not the best option…
IT Brief   Posted: July 26, 2013
Summary: there are situations when the private cloud is not the best solution. For it to work well, the cloud should be deployed only when certain conditions are met.

79% of CIOs Are Concerned About Hidden Costs of Cloud Computing
Cloud Times   Posted: July 27, 2013
Summary: Cloud computing has gained leverage over the last decade as businesses are compelled to migrate to this new platform. Virtualization has capitalized on cost efficiency as its main strength for any industry. However, recent revelations has uncovered that there may be hidden costs that cloud providers are not showing.

Cloud, Unified Communications, BYOD Making Network Monitoring Difficult: Survey
eWeek   Posted: July 28, 2013
Summary: Network Instruments’ survey shows growing adoption of trends, but concerns about visibility into the network remain.

Enterprise cloud computing isn’t the same for every enterprise
GigaOM   Posted: July 28, 2013
Summary: Many vendors pushing so-called enterprise cloud computing are really targeting those businesses who develop lots of their own software. But there are a whole lot of — maybe too many — companies to whom that description doesn’t apply.

Using the Cloud to Increase Business Productivity
Wha Tech   Posted: July 29, 2013
Summary: 7 ways your business will increase its productivity by using the Cloud.

Offshore Providers Without A Cloud Strategy Risk Future Growth: Gartner   Posted: July 29, 2013
Summary: While increased investments in cloud-based services will differentiate leading offshore providers from labor-intensive “pure-play” offshore providers, they will need to maintain a balanced portfolio of managed services and other traditional delivery approaches. This strategy will allow them to compete successfully with leading multinational providers, by meeting the evolving needs of buyers, and drive the joint necessities of revenue growth and profitability.

SDN and going “beyond the cloud” top digital trends for 2013, says Accenture
Cloud Tech News   Posted: July 29, 2013
Summary: For companies looking to take the next step and move ahead of the competition, establishing a sophisticated digital strategy is paramount. Accenture has gone a step further and noted the trends underpinning it – with SDN featuring heavily.

CIOs need to learn to become enablers rather than gatekeepers
GigaOM   Posted: July 29, 2013
Summary: CIO bashing has become popular sport, but in reality companies are now finding an edge by focusing less on cost-cutting and more on how IT can help enable better functionality and innovation. ProfitBricks’ Pete Johnson shares his thoughts in this guest post.

In Cloud Strategy, Private or Public is a Red Herring
Gartner Blog   Posted: July 29, 2013
Summary: Choosing between public and private cloud as a strategic decision is a misleading distraction, a red herring. The strategic and transformative decision is the choosing of the Cloud (or not). Private or public is a tactical follow-up.

Talkin’ Cloud Top 100 Cloud Services Providers
Talkin’ Cloud   Posted: July 30, 2013
Summary: Nine Lives Media unveils its third-annual Top 100 Cloud Services Providers (CSP) list.

Cloud computing and outsourcing: where does one end and the other begin?
ZDNet   Posted: July 30, 2013
Summary: Cloud computing seems to offer the same complexity-free IT that outsourcing offers, so what does this mean for how CIOs spend their budgets?

Two key reasons deploying to the cloud is different
InfoWorld Blog   Posted: July 30, 2013
Summary: InfoWorld’s Matt Prigge discusses that visualizing a cloud deployment as a traditional infrastructure often sheds light on areas you may not have considered.

Roundup Of Small & Medium Business Cloud Computing Forecasts And Market Estimates, 2013
Forbes   Posted: July 30, 2013
Summary: Over the last several months research firms and enterprise software vendors have released studies on cloud computing adoption in small & medium businesses (SMBs). Here is a summary of the key take-aways from these studies.

5 Cloud Computing Security Tips for 2013 ERP
Cloud News   Posted: July 30, 2013
Summary: Five security tips for those dealing with cloud computing in 2013.

Sonic Drive-in CIO on learning to embrace big data and cloud computing
GigaOM   Posted: July 30, 2013
Summary: Two-hour happy hours on slushies and optimally priced chili dogs aren’t the products of divination. Keeping a business like Sonic competitive means collecting and analyzing lots of data, something Sonic is now doing in the cloud instead of in its old data warehouse system.

Cloud computing causing rethinking of disaster recovery
Network World   Posted: July 30, 2013
Summary: Cloud computing gives organizations the opportunity to rethink many traditional IT practices, but it may be a particularly good fit for disaster recovery and business continuity.

Cloud bursting: How will it affect your billing requirements?
SearchCloudProvider   Posted: July 30, 2013
Summary: The concept of cloud bursting appeals to enterprises that have fluctuating capacity needs. The idea behind it is that enterprises can use their internal systems or perhaps private clouds for normal needs, and when additional capacity is required, they may allocate the extra resources they need within a public cloud. David Linthicum shares his thoughts.

Busting the Top 5 Cloud Computing Myths
Business Cloud News   Posted: July 31, 2013
Summary: Despite the acceptance of Cloud Computing, there are still many recurring misconceptions that undermine the speed of cloud adoption and leave businesses unsure as to whether it really is a wise move after all. Gavam Egan attempts to tackle these misconceptions and put the five most frequent offenders into perspective.

What Does Cloud Computing 2.0 Look Like?
Data Center Knowledge   Posted: July 31, 2013
Summary: There’s been a lot of coverage in the tech press lately about “per minute” billing of cloud services, which pushes the envelope of flexibility and the method may be putting pressure on Amazon to do the same. But what’s next? It’s fair to say that, after seven years of cloud computing, we’ve seen what Cloud Computing 1.0 is about. While better than traditional hosting, it’s still not all it could be. Not by a long shot. What does Cloud Computing 2.0 look like? Pete Johnson shares some ideas.

Gartner Catalyst Conference 2013: Insights, highlights, tips   Posted: July 31, 2013
Summary: Anne Stuart summaries some insights shared by analysts and speakers during the 2013 Gartner Catalyst event in San Diego.

Take that, Amazon! ProfitBricks cuts cloud pricing
GigaOM   Posted July 31, 2013
Summary: The cloud price wars continue as ProfitBricks chops prices on CPU cores and RAM by 50 percent and claims more flexible options than even Amazon Web Services.

Is Amazon really a low-margin cloud business?
Network World   Posted: August 1, 2013
Summary: Competitor calls out Amazon on being a low-margin cloud provider

ProfitBricks Challenges AWS with Major Price Cut
Talkin’ Cloud   Posted: August 1, 2013
Summary: ProfitBricks is stepping up to Amazon Web Services and promising lower costs and the best price/performance in the IaaS industry. Effectively, the company has slashed prices by half.