ProfitBricks Weekly Cloud Computing News Roundup: Issue 11

Here is the latest edition of ProfitBricks’ weekly roundup of news, content and conversations about Cloud Computing.

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IMAGE_4FA6B098-7328-4642-ABE9-6522AD632D7EProfitBricks to Exhibit at #Interop 2014 Las Vegas – Get Free/Discounted Admission
ProfitBricks Blog
Summary: As an exhibitor at Interop and the co-located Cloud Connect Summit, ProfitBricks is pleased to offer you a free exhibit pass and/or 20% off a conference pass.


The evolution of the data center : Timeline from the Mainframe to the Cloud
Silicon Angle Posted: March 6, 2014
Summary: A brief look at the evolution of the data center, from the mainframe of yesterday, to today’s cloud-centric evolution, and some impacts they’ve had on IT decision-making.

6 IT Strategies to Stay Ahead of Data Center Trends
CIO Posted March 7, 2014
Summary: Automation, virtualization, cloud computing — these technology trends are transforming the data center and enabling companies to lower costs, increase flexibility and improve reliability. However, these shifts require IT, and their outsourcing providers, to rethink traditional strategies.

Big Data Meets HPC
Scientific Computing Posted: March 7, 2014
Summary: Addressing the major opportunities and challenges of the 21st century.

Enterprise DevOps & the Cloud
ScriptRock Posted: March 7, 2014
Summary: A look at some of the trends plaguing enterprise IT as it struggles to align legacy IT infrastructure to business goals while becoming more agile.

Big data means the reign of the relational database is over
IT Pro Portal Posted: March 7, 2014
Summary: ITProPortal spoke with Matt Asay of MongoDB about how the 30-year reign of the relational database is over, and giants like Oracle suddenly risk being left behind.

Don’t understand Big Data? Blame your genes!
SiliconAngle Posted: March 7, 2014
Summary: People charged with making sense of big data should understand one thing: You’re working against human evolution. Not surprisingly, that can cause problems.

The Growth Trajectory of the Cloud
MSP Mentor Posted: March 7, 2014
Summary: The cloud experts at Forrester decided to take a closer look at the cloud’s projected growth over the next few years, and their vision is really quite remarkable. It’s also a vision that MSPs should keep in mind.

6 Reasons Why More Companies Are Moving to the SaaS Model
IT Toolbox Posted: March 8, 2014
Summary: Why is everything—but especially software—moving to the cloud and changing the way folks buy it from a one-time purchase to an ongoing subscription?

5 lessons for CIOs in the age of the cloud
GigaOM Posted: March 8, 2014
Summary: Chiquita Brands is famous for the fresh produce it brings to the table. It’s a mature, established company that’s has a “cloud first” mantra for all new applications, said CIO Kevin Ledford.

5 big tech trends coming your way
Investment News Posted: March 9, 2014
Summary: Previewing game-changing technology that will rock the advisory world.

Can Big Data Help your Team Win the Championship?
CloudTweaks Posted: March 10, 2014
Summary: Whilst big data and cloud computing has unquestionably helped streamline and improve business operations, it also has huge potential in the field of elite sport. In sport, just as in business, an increasing volume of information is now being captured and collected, which provides ever-deeper insight and intelligence for owners, coaches, and players.

Big Data or Big Bubble?
Inside BigData Posted: March 10, 2014
Summary: the Big Data industry is witnessing an accelerated hype cycle that feels all too familiar.

How Organisations Should Deal With The Big Data Knowledge Gap of Consumers
BigDataStartups Posted: March 10, 2014
Summary: As we are living in accelerated times, where we all have to learn to understand the power and impact what Big Data entails, organizations that want to develop new Big Data Proof of Concepts should be encouraged.

Meet the ProfitBricks Cloud @SUPERNAP During #Interop
ProfitBricks Blog Posted: March 11, 2014
Summary: Want to get a real-time, up-close look at the Cloud? Come take a private VIP 2 hour guided tour of the world-class, 2.2 million sq ft. SUPERNAP Data Center in Las Vegas.

Health care revs up for big drive into the cloud
InfoWorld Posted: March 11, 2014
Summary: Raw need is why health IT spending on the cloud will quadruple by 2018.

Big Data: The organizational challenge
Business Day Posted: March 11, 2014
Summary: Industry analysts and media observers are hyping Big Data as the next big thing for every enterprise, and many companies have been rushing to climb on board. But is building an advanced analytics capability really worth the investment?

How the Cloud is Transforming the IT Industry
CMS Report Posted: March 12, 2014
Summary: Here’s a look at the impact the cloud is having on the job market and the skills IT professionals will need to develop.

What are some of the biggest cloud computing priorities for life science companies?
MedCity News Posted: March 12, 2014
Summary: A survey of 70 life science companies highlighted areas where they are tapping the cloud across departments to make multichannel marketing easier and for developing better care plans.

The battle between compliance and the cloud
Information Age Posted: March 12, 2014
Summary: The cloud continues to transform how businesses operate and, along with the increase in cyber threats, compliance is causing major headaches for many IT professionals.

Cloud computing’s future: Bigger, with fewer options
InfoWorld Posted: March 12, 2014
Summary: Lots more cloud data centers will be coming online, but the cloud computing space will be dominated by a few major players.

Big data to CIOs: Learn to extract value from disruptive technologies
SearchCIO Posted: March 13, 2014
Summary: Harvey Koeppel explores how big data is inextricably linked to nine other disruptive technologies and why that linkage profoundly changes how IT gets done.

4 Reasons IaaS Makes Sense for Business Posted: March 13, 2014
Summary: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is empowering organizations to achieve big things with far fewer resources than ever before.

Cloud is changing and challenging the channel
BusinessCloud News Posted: March 13, 2014
Summary: According to recently published research by CompTIA, the transition to cloud poses serious financial and technological challenges for IT distributors and resellers, with all evidence pointing to these distributors moving up the stack in response.