ProfitBricks Weekly Cloud Computing News Roundup: Issue 3

Here is the latest edition of ProfitBricks’ weekly roundup of news, content and conversations about Cloud Computing.
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10 Ways Big Data Is Shaping Marketing
Business News Daily Posted: January 9. 2013
Summary: With businesses collecting mounds of data today, it is critical that they know what to do with it once they have all that information.

Microsoft Cuts Partner Payouts on Some Cloud Services
TheWHIR Posted: January 10, 2014
Summary: Microsoft relies on its partner channel to distribute its cloud services, but its latest decision to cut partner payouts has angered many partners.

vertical-cloudPatent trolls target their next victim: Cloud computing
InfoWorld Posted: January 13, 2014
Summary: Cloud computing’s success has caught the attention of patent trolls — so the Open Invention Networks is gearing for battle.

Vertical cloud: a dream for highly regulated industries?
TechRadar Posted: January 13, 2014
Summary: Vertical cloud: a dream for highly regulated industries?–1207306

Cloud Computing Service Preferences for Midsize Firms
Midsize Insider Posted: January 13, 2013
Summary: Cloud computing is on the rise at midsize firms, and many IT professionals understand exactly what they want from cloud providers.

A nation of coders is a good start, but a nation of innovators is better
The Guardian Posted: January 13, 2014
Summary: Cloud infrastructure provides the ideal environment for aspiring entrepreneurs to experiment and innovate.

Predictions 2014: How CIOs plan to spend their 2014 IT budget
ComputerWeekly Posted: January 13, 2014
Summary: Analyst Forrester predicted that software, IT consulting and systems integration services will have the fastest growth in 2014.

Cloud Computing in 2014: Three Key Trends
Datamation Posted: January 13, 2014
Summary: Cloud computing’s disruptive innovation will enhance data center options, even as security looms as an ever larger issue.

How the Cloud changes disaster recovery
Gadget Posted: January 14, 2014
Summary: An advantage of Cloud computing is the way it changes disaster recovery (DR), making it more cost-effective and lowering the bar for enterprises to deploy DR plans for their IT infrastructure.

Cloud storage vs. hard drives
The Standard Posted: January 14, 2014
Summary: A primer on Cloud storage versus hard drives

Lydia Leong: Foundational Gartner research notes for cloud IaaS and managed hosting, 2014
Gartner Posted: January 14, 2014
Summary: Research highlighting how Gartner views the IaaS space

Cloud Computing For Businesses: How Much Are You Really Using?
Cloud Tweaks Posted: January 14, 2014
Summary: Some advantages and disadvantages of the Cloud

Majority of cloud users benefiting from IT innovation following adoption, research finds
Information Age Posted: January 14, 2014
Summary: Claranet research points to redefined role with reduced administrative burden.–research-finds

Cloud Performance Challenges Outweigh Security Concerns for Cloud-Savvy Organizations: Study
Web Host Industry Review Posted: January 14, 2014
Summary: Performance challenges far outweigh concerns of cloud security for organizations who are more comfortable with cloud services and host data intensive applications in the cloud.

CIOs in Europe and the US project healthy IT budget increases for 2014
IT World Posted: January 14, 2014
Summary: The forecast for this year follows a strong 2013 in which external IT spending grew at the highest rate since 2008.

Are You Ready to Become an Internet of Things Hero?
Datamation Posted: January 14, 2014
Summary: The Internet of Things is more than just the next overhyped buzzword. It’s time leverage the technology at your company.

Cloud providers’ love/hate relationship with pay-as-you-go pricing
TechRadar Posted: January 15, 2014
Summary: On-demand not the only option.

Technology of the Year 2014: The best hardware, software, and cloud services
InfoWorld Posted: January 15, 2014
Summary: InfoWorld’s 2014 Technology of the Year Award winners recognize the best tools and technologies for developers, IT pros, and businesses.

Amazon is a hornet’s nest of malware
The Washington Post Posted: January 16, 2014
Summary: Amazon’s cloud computing service plays host to some of the most prolific malware distributors on the Internet, security researchers have discovered.