SaaS & IaaS Go Together Like Cookies and Milk

Raking in more monthly recurring revenue is a top priority for most Managed Service Providers (MSPs). And while Software as a Service (SaaS) has proven to be a good way to grow monthly recurring revenue, there’s only so much software one MSP can successfully sell to any given client.

It’s time to think bigger.

SaaS has been a sweet source of revenue for ages, but it’s no longer the highest-grow area in the cloud, according to Gartner. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still growing, just not as quickly as it once was.

Perhaps the market is becoming saturated, or MSPs simply aren’t as eager to sign long-term contracts.

Regardless of the true nature of the slowed growth, MSPs need to find a way to make up that revenue gap. How, you ask? With Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Gartner expects that IaaS space to grow nearly 39% in 2017. It’s the highest-growth area in the cloud right now.

To give you an idea of how impressive that growth is, SaaS is expected to be the second-fastest growing cloud service in 2017, and it’s only growing 20% in 2017, or about half the rate of IaaS.

What’s the takeaway?

It’s time to double down. SaaS isn’t going anywhere, but its growth rate is slowing down. Consider offering SaaS + IaaS. It’s a value-add that gives you more control over your client’s infrastructure while also allowing you to capture new revenue. It’s a win-win, like cookies and milk or peanut butter and jelly. They’re better together.

4 Reasons SaaS + IaaS is a Winning Combo

By pairing these two high-growth technologies, you’ll gain:

  1. More monthly recurring revenue
  2. More control
  3. Greater insights into a clients’ network health
  4. Increased stickiness with existing customers

How to Start Offering IaaS in Less Than 1 Day

Because IaaS is such a high-growth area, everyone (and their mom) is scrambling to capitalize on this market opportunity. Might sound great to have so many options, but quality control issues are rampant. Most IaaS providers don’t offer the flexible packages and pricing MSPs just starting out with IaaS need, and startups rushing to market often overlook fundamental performance issues.

You need a solution that rivals Amazon, Google, and Microsoft in speed, reliability, and scalability. You need a solution that’s so easy-to-use, your non-technical staff could pinch-hit if needed. You need a solution that scales with your business and only requires you to pay for what you need. You need ProfitBricks IaaS.

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