Calling All Startups: Break Up with Amazon and Trade Up to Cloud 2.0 at ProfitBricks

Startup hearts being broken by complicated Amazon pricing

Image courtesy Skley

It’s no secret that ProfitBricks loves startups. That’s why this Valentine’s Day we’re inviting startups to break up with Amazon and rethink cloud computing.

We thought Valentine’s Day would be the perfect time to express our startup love through the national launch of our Startup Foundation Program. Any startup with at least one U.S. office and revenue of less than $1 million is eligible to get a 20 percent discount on ProfitBricks’ IaaS services and have free access to a cloud server for a year.

Despite conventional wisdom, breaking up is easy to do.

The fact is this: to get Amazon’s best prices you need to somehow decipher a long and complicated pricing scheme. How complicated? There are businesses out there designed to help you figure out how to manage AWS costs from Amazon. Also, these best prices are available only to those companies willing to spend big up front and buy an instance that stays the same for up to three years.  And by the way, you pay for that best price server instance whether or not you use it.

None of it sounds very elastic to us. And frankly, where’s the startup love in that?

The ProfitBricks Startup Program Goes National

We launched a startup program for our local startup friends in New England a couple of months ago and have already seen an amazing response. went with us because of the speed of our InfiniBand-based infrastructure. “We chose ProfitBricks because they were the highest performing public cloud provider allowing our front-end and back-end to leverage 80 Gb/s private cloud networks,” CEO Robert Strobel told us.

Of course, we also make it easy to get started, just ask George Papazickos at ProSent Mobile: “The onboarding process was easy and quick. ProfitBricks support has been incredibly responsive and helpful in answering all of our questions. Their virtual data center model allows us to quickly and easily increase capacity as our needs change.”

Today’s the day for startups across the nation to send off “Dear Jeff” letters and accelerate cloud computing across the web. Frankly, we think you deserve it.

Others do too, spread the word:   

Maybe give us a test drive and see how quickly you can build a data center via our drag-and-drop Data Center Designer tool.