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PowerShell DevOps Cloud Automation #DevOps

Summertime is here and we’ve been humming along on some new releases. To start the season, we’d like to announce support for PowerShell with our handy new module found here. With this Windows engineers can now take programmatic advantage of ProfitBricks and the functionality found in the Cloud API all through familiar tooling. You can now do things like create […]

Interviews on Cloud: Bridget Kromhout


Our Interviews on Cloud Video Series features interviews with cloud thought leaders, entrepreneurs, business executives, and luminaries, where they discuss their insights on the current infrastructure space, as well as their future plans for the cloud in 2016. Interviews on Cloud: Bridget Kromhaut Bridget Kromhout is currently the Principal Technologist for Cloud Foundry at Pivotal. She has years of site reliability operations experience […]

Cloud Expert Interview Video Series: Luke Kanies of Puppet Labs

Cloud Expert Luke Kanies Puppet Labs Structure 2015

Our brand new Cloud Expert Interview Video Series highlights some of the most influential cloud computing thought leaders and industry luminaries. While at Structure Conference in San Francisco last month, we interviewed various individuals, such as David Linthicum of Cloud Technology Partners, and asked them to tell us what they think about the Internet Infrastructure space right now and the upcoming trends in 2016. An […]

Top DevOps Conferences in 2016: 49 Events For DevOps Pros


We’ve done the research and found the best DevOps conferences and events that we want to attend in the coming year. To help you plan your upcoming year, we’ve rounded up the top DevOps events and conferences in North America for 2016, and even thrown in a couple of camps and meetups too. Planning this early also means you’re more likely to […]

Top DevOps Meetups & Their Leaders: 49 Meetups For DevOps Pros

DevOps Princeton

The DevOps movement has taken software development and IT operations teams by storm. DevOps (development and operations collaborating) is rapidly expanding. DevOps is so new and so all encompassing, that people still aren’t sure exactly how to characterize it. The Agile Admin practically defines DevOps as “the practice of operations and development engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle, from […]

Top SysAdmin Meetups in the USA and Their Leaders

Thomas Uphill

SysAdmins have so many responsibilities and wear so many professional hats that it is extremely helpful for them to gather with other SysAdmins and share their knowledge, questions, and frustrations. But, it may not be feasible for them to attend a conference for days at a time and hundreds of miles away. That’s where Meetups come in. Meetups typically are […]

How #DevOps can use Puppet for Cloud Configuration Management & Infrastructure Automation

Well, it’s that time of year and we’re super excited to be pushing out our newest additions to our DevOps infrastructure automation toolset here at ProfitBricks. Today we announce the release of the ProfitBricks Puppet module for all those nerding out at PuppetConf 2015. Some of the rich functionality you can perform with the module would be things like describing […]

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