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SaaS & IaaS Go Together Like Cookies and Milk

Raking in more monthly recurring revenue is a top priority for most Managed Service Providers (MSPs). And while Software as a Service (SaaS) has proven to be a good way to grow monthly recurring revenue, there’s only so much software one MSP can successfully sell to any given client. It’s time to think bigger. SaaS has been a sweet source […]

13 Cloud Experts Reveal the Most Important Factors in Evaluating Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Vendors

Nick Espinosa

Evaluating cloud infrastructure as a service providers can be challenging with many options, complex offerings, and other considerations. From compliance with regulatory requirements pertaining to data security to uptime concerns, availability of customer support, and more, not to mention navigating Service Level Agreements and making sense of the technology stack, it’s no surprise that many companies struggle with selecting the […]

Cloud Pros Reveal the Key Characteristics of a Successful Cloud Infrastructure Architect

Ari Weil

Cloud infrastructure architects have a challenging role, requiring knowledge of the latest technology and the skill to make complex systems and technology stacks function seamlessly. But the most successful cloud infrastructure architects recognize the importance of continuous learning to stay abreast of new developments and advancements in the field that can either improve infrastructure performance or streamline their working methods. To […]

Cloud Computing Infrastructure Insider Video Series – Interview with Ellen Rubin


Our Cloud Computing Infrastructure Video Series features video interviews with cloud thought leaders, entrepreneurs, business executives and luminaries where we discuss with them for their insights on the current infrastructure space as well as their future plans for the cloud in 2016. This video features Ellen Rubin, the co-founder of ClearSky Data. Ellen is a highly experienced entrepreneur specializing in […]

Cloud Computing Infrastructure Insider Video Series – Interview with Adrian Cockcroft

Adrian Cockcroft Speaking About Cloud Adoption at Structure Conference

Last week we started a new cloud computing infrastructure video series featuring interviews with thought leaders and visionaries in the Internet infrastructure space. While at Structure 2015 Conference, we asked them what their thoughts are on the space right now and what they think the cloud has in store for 2016. Interview with Adrian Cockcroft In this latest interview, the ProfitBricks team speaks […]

Cloud Computing Infrastructure Insider Video Series – Interview with Derrick Harris

ProfitBricks Structure 2015 Speaking with Derrick Harris

Continuing on with our new cloud computing infrastructure video series we filmed at the Structure Conference, where we feature videos with industry leaders who share their thoughts about the Internet infrastructure space and what they’re anticipating for the cloud in 2016. Interview with Derrick Harris In today’s interview, we speak to Derrick Harris (@derrickharris), Senior Research Analyst at Mesosphere. Derrick […]

Cloud Computing Infrastructure Insider Video Series – Interview with Joe Weinman

ProfitBricks Video Series Josh Sanderson Joe Weinman

ProfitBricks is excited to introduce our new video series called cloud computing infrastructure series, featuring videos with industry leaders sharing their thoughts about the Internet infrastructure space and what they anticipate the trends to be in 2016. Josh Sanderson, (@jdsboston), Cloud thought leader, was at Structure Conference last week in San Francisco, interviewing various people like Ellen Rubin, CEO & Co-founder at ClearSky Data and Derrick […]

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