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Calling All Startups: Break Up with Amazon and Trade Up to Cloud 2.0 at ProfitBricks

Startup hearts being broken by complicated Amazon pricing

It’s no secret that ProfitBricks loves startups. That’s why this Valentine’s Day we’re inviting startups to break up with Amazon and rethink cloud computing. We thought Valentine’s Day would be the perfect time to express our startup love through the national launch of our Startup Foundation Program. Any startup with at least one U.S. office and revenue of less than […]

Why I left HP after 19 years to join ProfitBricks

Pete Johnson, new Platform Evangelist for ProfitBricks

Woz once said, “I thought I’d be an HPer for life.” While I don’t usually claim to have a whole lot in common with the man who designed the first computer I ever saw (an Apple II, summer ’78), in this instance it’s true. As it turns out, we were both wrong. I stayed at HP as long as I did for […]

Democratizing High Performance Computing with the Cloud

ProfitBricks InfiBand Mesh Technology

This article originally appeared on on November 28, 2012. Ever since the timeshares of mainframes and the arrival of PCs – the power of massive computing has been in the hands of the few.  However, the world is different now. You may read about the “consumerization of IT” – where employees are bringing not only their own mobile devices, but […]

A Menagerie of Thoughts For a Friday Morning

This past week has been crazy busy here at ProfitBricks. Lots of great stuff going on. Here are a few quick random items: ProfitBricks Becomes Sponsor of WebInno/Mobile Monday December Event ProfitBricks continues on its tear through the New England innovation community by sponsoring WebInnoMobile – the combined event of Web Innovators Group and Mobile Monday at the Royal Sonesta […]

Top Cloud Computing Myths

Without question Cloud computing has been the hot topic among global Technorati and computer geeks alike. While the cloud has been welcomed by businesses, both large and small, the cloud still presents questions. Despite all the news articles and blog posts, a number of myths have developed that are simply not true. The most common myths revolve around Data Control, […]

ProfitBricks Co-Hosts Webinar on Efficient Cloud Infrastructures Utilizing Mellanox Interconnect Solutions

ProfitBricks and Mellanox® Technologies will co-host a live, interactive webinar discussing the technology and ROI considerations necessary for deploying scalable and faster cloud computing infrastructures while reducing CAPEX and OPEX. The webinar will also cover several aspects of cloud computing including the main advantages of moving a business into the cloud. When:                   Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 10:00 am Pacific Time […]

Software-Defined Networks In The Cloud – Flexibility and Isolation Are Here

This week Rackspace announced Layer 2 network isolation availability via Openstack and vSwitch technology.   No doubt, cloud computing is maturing to a level where mass adoption begins to accelerate. When ProfitBricks set out to revolutionize IaaS, the network was at the core of our innovation. Our guiding principle was “if you can do it in a network patch panel in […]

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