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Infographic: Gaming Development Financial Realities


In honor of #GDC2013 going on this week in San Francisco, ProfitBricks is pleased to present this infographic, entitled “Gaming Development – The Financial Reality Behind Great Ideas.” People at the show are confirming what we already suspected: gaming is moving into the cloud.  As thin clients in browsers, on laptops, or on mobile devices, continue to grow in popularity, they […]

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) versus Cloud Computing – What’s the Difference?

Cloud computing or cloud hosting is the hot topic these days. However, with many small web hosting companies offering Virtual Private Servers (VPS) masquerading as “cloud hosting,” we thought it would be helpful to clear the air: So what is a Virtual Private Server? A VPS is a traditional single dedicated server operating in a multi-tenant hypervisor-like environment. Customers will […]

ProfitBricks is named IaaS “Best in Cloud” Computing

It’s official. Computerwoche (IDG) , one of Germany’s leading weekly IT publications, has named ProfitBricks as “Best in Cloud.“  The publication invited cloud computing IaaS providers to be part of the renowned and highly visible contest for this coveted award. In May 2012, with a desire to learn more about ”real-life” cloud computing applications and projects, COMPUTERWOCHE posed an unusual question […]

Software as a Service: It’s not “if”, but “when”

SalesForce.Com. Gmail. Marketo. Software as a Service (SaaS) is having a major impact on the business world. Despite all the buzz, most of the focus to date has been focused on technology. However, in reality, SaaS is simply a different business model to deliver that technology. So what exactly is SaaS? SaaS, or “on-demand software”, is a software delivery model […]

ProfitBricks USA Cloud Computing Launch Preview

ProfitBricks Cloud Computing Data Center Designer

Welcome to the ProfitBricks USA Blog   My name is Bob Rizika and I am the CEO of ProfitBricks – USA.   Myself, along with my team in Cambridge, MA,  will be spearheading the ProfitBricks operations in the US and Canada. We are eager and prepared to enter the Cloud Computing – IaaS market.  Our confidence is driven by two years […]

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