Top DevOps Meetups & Their Leaders: 49 Meetups For DevOps Pros

The DevOps movement has taken software development and IT operations teams by storm. DevOps (development and operations collaborating) is rapidly expanding. DevOps is so new and so all encompassing, that people still aren’t sure exactly how to characterize it. The Agile Admin practically defines DevOps as “the practice of operations and development engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production and support.” Fredric Paul’s New Relic blog post offers observations on DevOps from Chef VP Jez Humble: “DevOps is not a goal, but a never-ending process of continual improvement,” and “DevOps is a practice, not a tool.”

Simply put, DevOps emphasizes the roles of software developers and other IT professionals, while also emphasizing IT operations. DevOps automates infrastructure through code and benefits businesses in many ways, including increased productivity, enhanced products, and increased agility. If you’re still trying to grasp the concept of DevOps, desiring to share issues and challenges you’re having with DevOps, or hoping to meet with other DevOps professionals, our list of the top 49 DevOps in the Meetups in the USA may be exactly what you’re looking for. We rounded up 49 of the most popular, quickly growing, or authoritative DevOps Meetups from around the country, and we feature their leaders so you know more about them prior to joining. Please note, we have listed our top 49 DevOps Meetups in the USA and their leaders here, in no particular order.

1. DevOps Princeton
Amanda Deol, Organizer
Third Thursday of Every Month
Princeton, NJ

DevOps PrincetonDevOps Princeton offers a pre-competitive Meetup for sharing best practices, receiving free consulting from top New Jersey resources, and further developing DevOps skills. DevOps Princeton is open to users of DevOps tools, including software professionals, students, hackers, and DevOps philosophers. One perk of DevOps Princeton is the complimentary gourmet food and drink served at every event. Leader Amanda Deol is an Atlassian expert who works at Addteq.



2. Tampa DevOps
Dylan Johnson, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Tampa, FL

Tampa DevOpsTampa DevOps was formed in August 2014 and is led by Dylan Johnson, a software developer who specializes in UI at Raymond James. More than 90 Architects of Automata comprise the membership of Tampa DevOps, and they focus on “enumerating, differentiating, and recommending usages of different DevOps Stuff” with another focus on “building out opinionated DevOps project bases for particular stacks.” Tools featured at Tampa DevOps include Chef, Test Kitchen, Puppet, Vagrant, Docker, and Jenkins, among others.


Tony Chapman, Organizer
Dates TBD
San Francisco, CA

DOXLONThe newest DevOps Meetup on our list, DOXLON (DevOps Exchange London) has just arrived in San Francisco. DOXLON, the world’s largest DevOps Meetup, has crossed the Atlantic, and organizer Tony Chapman has events in the works for the San Francisco area in the near future. DOXLON events give participants the opportunity to share the best DevOps ideas with the community and feature two or three short presentations by invited speakers, followed by a time to chat over drinks and snacks. Tony Chapman organizes both the DevOps Exchange London and San Francisco and is the director of Linux and open source-related technologies at LinuxRecruit.

4. DevOps West Michigan
Justin Kulesza, Co-Organizer
Second Monday of Every Month
Grand Rapids, MI

DevOps West MichiganJustin Kulesza is the co-organizer of DevOps West Michigan. A self-described “master of Puppets and Chefs,” Kulesza works in DevOps at Atomic Object. DevOps West Michigan is a DevOps Meetup designed for people who are interested in learning about and sharing DevOps principles and practices and currently has more than 170 members. Topics and areas of interest at DevOps West Michigan include Chef, Puppet, Ansible, configuration management, monitoring, deployment, workflows, and more.


5. San Antonio DevOps
Hart Hoover, Organizer
Last Monday of Every Month
San Antonio, TX

San Antonio DevOpsOrganizer of the San Antonio DevOps Meetup, Hart Hoover is manager of tech education at Cisco Cloud. San Antonio DevOps welcomes both dev and ops professionals, including managers, engineers, and hackers, as well as entrepreneurs. Topics of discussion include those relating to DevOps tools and culture. More than 185 members strong, San Antonio DevOps was founded in February 2014.



Lansing DevOps Meetup
Jesse Flores, Organizer
First Tuesday of Every Month
Okemos, MI

Lansing DevOps MeetupDirector of sales and marketing at Cognite Labs, Jesse Flores also founded StartupLansing and co-founded Fifth Room Storage. Flores specializes in strategic operations planning, agile process engineering, and data analytics in e-commerce and retail distribution. Flores also organizes the Lansing DevOps Meetup, a group of more than 110 members that explores DevOps to learn “how we can use the idea and practices around it to build a better future.”


7. DevOps Columbus
Michael Ducy, Organizer
Second Tuesday of Every Month
Columbus, OH

DevOps ColumbusDevOps Columbus is a group of more than 300 DevOps engineers. The DevOps Columbus Meetups focus on DevOps culture and feature speakers, use cases, Ruby, and more. Organizer Michael Ducy is a global evangelist for Chef who helps companies understand Chef, DevOps, and IT transformation. Ducy also collaborates with Ross Clanton on The Goat Farm, a blog and podcast that centers on DevOps.


8. Boston Area Microsoft DevOps Group
Michael Ferioli, Organizer
Last Tuesday of Every Month
Waltham, MA

Boston Area Microsoft DevOps GroupThe Boston Area Microsoft DevOps Group is organized by Michael Ferioli, a lifelong technologist who now specializes in DevOps. Another brand new DevOps Meetup, the Boston Area Microsoft DevOps Group was founded on October 21, 2015, and already has dozens of members. This Meetup is for those who are passionate about DevOps concepts, culture, and tooling, as applied to a Microsoft ecosystem.


9. Triangle DevOps
Mark Mzyk, Organizer
Monthly Meetups and Monthly CoffeeOps
Raleigh, NC

Triangle DevOpsTriangle DevOps hosts monthly Meetups as well as monthly CoffeeOps, where members enjoy a cup of morning coffee and informally discuss DevOps and exchange ideas. Boasting more than 1,230 members, Triangle DevOps is one of the largest DevOps groups to make our list of top DevOps Meetups in the USA. Members explore DevOps and discuss related ideas and practices. Organizer Mark Mzyk is a developer for Opscode and a maker of Chef.



10. DevOps Live!
Marlon Monsalve, Co-Organizer
Third Tuesday of Every Month
Dallas, TX

DevOps LiveThe DevOps Live User Group hosts guest speakers on many technical topics. Members enjoy WiFi access and private conference rooms, as well as dinner and refreshments. Sponsored by Paladin Consulting, DevOps Live! is also broadcast over Google Hangout. Co-organizer Marlon Monsalve is a senior recruiter at Paladin Consulting and user group sponsor.



11. NOVA DevOps

Karl Peña, Organizer
Dates TBD
Reston, VA

NOVA DevOpsAnother new DevOps Meetup, NOVA DevOps was founded in August 2015 by Karl Peña, who has a special interest in learning how “to achieve things more efficiently in operations, advancing teams with the principles of continuous improvement, and bringing people together to reach valuable goals.” NOVA DevOps already has more than 50 members and is open to anyone in the northern Virginia area who is interested in learning or presenting about innovative uses of DevOps, Docker, configuration management, Chef, Puppet, and more. Check back for more information about Meetup dates, as the group finalizes its calendar.


12. DC Area Enterprise DevOps and Agile Forum
Cameron Bernard, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Washington, DC

DC Area Enterprise DevOps and Agile ForumOrganized by Cameron Bernard, events coordinator for CollabNet, the DC Area Enterprise DevOps and Agile Forum is a DevOps Meetup that provides a forum for its members to network with peers and industry experts, in order to strategize solutions for addressing IT, agile, and DevOps initiatives. More than 135 IT executives comprise the membership of the DC Area Enterprise DevOps and Agile Forum.




13. DevOps Denver
Troy Beyer, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Englewood, CO

DevOps DenverDevOps Denver is a DevOps Meetup that welcomes developers, operations, SysAdmins, DBAs, network admins, business analysts, project managers, and anyone in IT. The 110+ members share experience, discuss what works and what doesn’t for their companies, and strive to open minds by challenging the status quo. DevOps Denver Organizer Troy Beyer, principal at Beyer Consulting Group LLC, has more than 15 years of experience in IT service delivery, with a specialty in operations and development delivery.


14. SLC DevOps
Brett Benassi, Organizer
Dates TBD
Salt Lake City, UT

SLC DevOpsA relatively new DevOps Meetup, SLC DevOps was founded in May 2015. Organizer Brett Benassi is the lead DevOps engineer at Verisk Health. SLC DevOps welcomes anyone interested in learning and talking about DevOps and meeting other who have an interest in DevOps. Check back for Meetup dates, as the group continues to grow and plan presentations, training sessions, and form a community around DevOps and continuous delivery.



15. East Valley DevOps

Ken Smart, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Tempe, Arizona

East Valley DevOpsEast Valley DevOps organizer, Ken Smart is a software and systems engineer at Salesforce who specializes in automation and large scale systems. East Valley DevOps is a Phoenix-based DevOps Meetup for DevOps professionals that provides a space for connecting and discussing new technologies. Anyone of any skill level is welcome to attend East Valley DevOps and learn how to make your job easier.


16. Cincinnati DevOps Meetup
David L. Stacy, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati DevOps MeetupDavid Stacy is the manager of infrastructure at Cordata Healthcare. He founded the Cincinnati DevOps Meetup in June 2014, and it’s nearly 100 members strong. Cincinnati DevOps Meetup welcomes Cincinnati and Dayton area SysAdmins, developers, managers, and other thought leaders looking to discuss DevOps, agile infrastructure, and agile operations.




17. DevOps Charlotte
Vonquitra Radney, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Charlotte, NC

DevOps Charlotte

DevOps Charlotte was founded in March 2015 and is 80 members strong. DevOps Charlotte provides an opportunity for individuals who work in DevOps to join tougher and learn about everything from culture to tooling to teaming to a DevOps state. Organizer Vonquitra Radney is a lean agile QA lifecycle coach at Gear Stream Inc.

18. SoCal DevOps User Group
Suresh Paulraj, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Irvine, CA

SoCal DevOps User GroupSuresh Paulraj, organizer of the SoCal DevOps User Group, is the senior cloud architect working in cloud computing, IaaS, and PaaS at OrangePeople. SoCal DevOps User Group is a DevOps Meetup in southern California dedicated to DevOps, SysAdmins, operations pros, configuration management professionals and developers, software and infrastructure automation pros, entrepreneurs, students, and anyone else interested in DevOps. Topics of discussion range from automation tools to Puppet and Salt.


19. DevOps STL
Julia Koelsch, Organizer
Last Thursday of Every Month
Saint Louis, MO

DevOps STLA partner at Spry Digital, specializing in website and web app development, who focuses on DevOps throughout the project lifecycle, Julia Koelsch is the DevOps STL organizer. This DevOps Meetup targets both dev and ops engineers, tech professionals, managers, leads, and others who want to join together and learn about DevOps processes, tools, practices, and benefits.



20. DevOps Minneapolis
Tom Duffield, Organizer
First Monday of Every Month with Occasional Casual Mixers
Minneapolis, MN

DevOps MinneapolisTom Duffield is a developer and automator who works for Chef. He also is the organizer of DevOps Minneapolis, a DevOps Meetup that was founded in 2012 and boasts more than 1,020 DevOps practitioners as members. DevOps Minneapolis has regularly scheduled Meetups the first Monday of every month, but they also host casual mixers throughout the year.




21. Texas DevOps Houston Meetup
Darryl Bowler, Organizer
First Tuesday of Every Month
Houston, TX

Texas DevOps Houston MeetupBusiness, management, technology consultant and adviser, Daryl Bowler is the organizer of the Texas DevOps Houston Meetup. Founded in June 2014, this DevOps Meetup has more than 250 members who are IT executives, business managers, designers, developers, SysAdmins, and others who are interested in learning and sharing about DevOps. Topics range from agile frameworks to continuous delivery.



22. Delaware DevOps
Eric Van Der Poel, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Wilmington, DE

Delaware DevOpsWith more than 15 years in ops support for Unix administration, Delaware DevOps organizer, Eric Van Der Poel currently works with OpenStack, Chef and CI/CD. He started Delaware DevOps in the hopes of sparking local interest in DevOps, and he’s succeeded, as this DevOps Meetup now has more than 140 members. Delaware DevOps specifically centers on “a cultural and professional movement, focused on how we build and operate high velocity organizations, born from the experiences of its practitioners.”



23. South Florida DevOps Group
Alan Shimel, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Boca Raton, FL

South Florida DevOps GroupAlan Shimel works in DevOps, security, open source, tech, and business. He also is the editor in chief of, an information site for the DevOps community, and a writer for Network World. He organizes the South Florida DevOps Group, a user group for anyone interested in and working with DevOps. This DevOps Meetup strives to offer workshops, hands-on events, speakers, and sponsored meetings.



24. DevOps Reno
Colin Loretz, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Reno, NV

DevOps RenoDevOps Reno is a DevOps Meetup for discussions of all things DevOps including cloud platforms, roles, languages, development stacks and methodologies. More than 70 members gather to share experiences with monitoring, continuous delivery and integration, packaging, automated deployments and more. Organizer Colin Loretz is lead platform engineer at Numerous.



25. Madison DevOps
Josh Zimmerman, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Madison, WI

Madison DevOpsJosh Zimmerman, organizer of Madison DevOps, works in systems and DevOps. Madison DevOps is a Meetup for people in the tech community that gives its 120+ members the opportunity to come together to learn about and share information on DevOps culture, tools, practices, and benefits. Madison DevOps welcomes dev and ops professionals, managers, security pros, architects, and entrepreneurs.



26. Boston DevOps Meetup
Iryna Yakubenko, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Boston, MA

Boston DevOps MeetupIryna Yakubenko, DevOps specialist at IBM, is the organizer of the Boston DevOps Meetup. This DevOps Meetup offers its 100+ members an opportunity to network with a variety of DevOps professionals and learn about continuous integration. Boston DevOps Meetup topics include best practices for DevOps, justifying business cases for DevOps migration including hybrid cloud and more.



27. Bucks County DevOps
Michael J. Smalley, Organizer
Throughout the Year
New Hope, PA

Bucks County DevOpsMichael Smalley is a senior operations engineer at Wildbit. He organizes Bucks County DevOps, a DevOps Meetup for people who are involved in integrating software development, operations, and SysAdmin. Smalley views Bucks County DevOps as a group that provides a space for openly sharing DevOps knowledge and building relationships in a DevOps community. Bucks County DevOps currently has more than 210 members.



28. How to DevOps
Aimee Gerzofsky, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Hoboken, NJ

How-To-DevOps-HobokenHow to DevOps organizer, Aimee Gerzofsky is a technical recruiter specializing in providing innovative IT solutions addressing today’s business needs and challenges. A DevOps Meetup, How to DevOps has more than 130 members who discuss the best technologies in DevOps, along with the best practices for applying them across platforms.


29. Gainesville DevOps
Martin Smith, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Gainesville, FL

Gainesville DevOpsMartin Smith is a polyglot programmer and SysAdmin who has a passion for configuration management, automation, and integration. He also is the organizer of Gainesville DevOps, a DevOps Meetup of nearly 90 members who are managers, programmers, SysAdmins, engineers, hackers and entrepreneurs. Discussion topics at Gainesville DevOps cover DevOps practices, technologies and culture.



30. Omaha DevOps Meetup
Rodger Devillier, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Omaha, NE

Omaha DevOps MeetUpFounded in August 2015, Omaha DevOps Meetup has more than 55 members who are interested in learning, sharing, and evolving DevOps practices that “enable collaborative innovation and continuous delivery within information technology.” This informal DevOps Meetup welcomes people of all skill levels. Organizer Rodger Devillier is a senior consultant who provides strategy and expertise for clients looking for cloud infrastructure and DevOps to support digital business transformation.



31. Lincoln DevOps Meetup
Jason Wilkinson, Organizer
Tuesdays of Every Other Month
Lincoln, NE

Lincoln DevOps MeetupCTO of PaymentSpring, Jason Wilkinson is the organizer of the Lincoln DevOps Meetup, which includes more than 145 “DevOps’ers.” The goal of this DevOps Meetup is to explore topics that interest developers and those who support the infrastructure hosting the code. Lincoln DevOps Meetup topics include scaling, infrastructure as code, deployment, Linux, and more.



32. DevOps Santa Barbara
Brad Urani, Organizer
Dates TBD
Carpinteria, CA

DevOps Santa BarbaraBrad Urani, principal software engineer at Procore Technologies, is the organizer of DevOps Santa Barbara. A new DevOps Meetup, DevOps Santa Barbara was founded in October 2015 and already has nearly 50 members. This DevOps Meetup is geared toward engineers, managers, and hobbyists who are interested in cloud infrastructure, continuous deployment, SysAdmin, and integration. Check back for Meetup dates as the group grows and finalizes its calendar.


33. Bay Area Women of DevOps
Jennifer Davis, Organizer
Throughout the Year
San Francisco, CA

Bay Area Women of DevOpsBay Area Women of DevOps organizer Jennifer Davis is co-author of Effective DevOps and the Agile Conference DevOps Track Char 2016. She also is an automation engineer at Chef. Bay Area Women of DevOps is a mentorship group that focuses on women networking and becoming active participants and leaders in the Chef and DevOps communities. The goal of Bay Area Women of DevOps is to “promote, educate, and advance a diverse community through outreach, education, conferences, events, and social gatherings.”

34. EMC Boston DevOps Meetup
Jason Marques, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Boston, MA

EMC Boston DevOps MeetupJason Marques is a senior vSpecialist at EMC who loves to discuss DevOps. He organizes the EMC Boston DevOps Meetup, a DevOps Meetup for technology professionals in the Boston metro area. The Meetups provide a space for learning about DevOps and discussing experiences and tools relating to DevOps.




35. Fort Worth DevOps Meetup
Mark Dungan, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth DevOps MeetupMark Dungan is an IT coach and developer who is passionate about DevOps. He organizes the Fort Worth DevOps Meetup, a DevOps Meetup that has more than 125 IT professionals as members. Fort Worth DevOps Meetups are open to anyone who is interested in DevOps. Discussions at these DevOps Meetups focus on the tools, technologies, and practices associated with DevOps.



36. DevOps Tallahassee
Thom Holland, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Tallahassee, FL

DevOps TallahasseeDevOps Tallahassee is a DevOps Meetup that offers eating, drinking, learning, and having fun for its members. Organizer Thom Holland is an investor, adviser, and management consultant in the tech industry. He strives to make DevOps Tallahassee an interesting DevOps Meetup for anyone interested in DevOps, IT automation, Linux, computer networking, virtualization, configuration management, Puppet, etc.



37. DevOps hangops
Mark Presti, Organizer
First Wednesday of Every Month
West Roxbury, MA

DevOps hangopsDevOps hangops is a DevOps Meetup for anyone interested in learning everything there is to know about DevOps. More than 100 “DevOps geeks” comprise the membership of DevOps hangops. Organizer Mark Presti is an open networking evangelist who is part of the CTO for the Americas – Field at Brocade. Topics of discussion at DevOps hangops include DevOps culture, tools, automation, and team building, among others.



38. East Bay DevOps & Ops
Ryan Greget, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Emeryville, CA

East Bay DevOps and OpsEast Bay DevOps & Ops is geared toward people “who are into drinking beer and interested in discussing the current trends in Technical Ops & DevOps.” With more than 233 DevOps engineers for members, East Bay DevOps & Ops meets throughout the year and centers on monitoring systems, cloud computing, configuration management, Big Data analytics, data centers and more. Organizer Ryan Greget is a DevOps lead who’s passionate about software and systems architecture, testing, automation and solving problems.



39. Piedmont Triad DevOps
Larry Eichenbaum, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Greensboro, NC

Piedmont Triad DevOpsLarry Eichenbaum is the organizer of Piedmont Triad DevOps, a DevOps Meetup of more than 140 members who are technologists in various roles sharing  a common interest in working more closely together. Eichenbaum is a solutions engineer at Chef who formerly worked at Opscode, Inc. He hopes that Piedmont Triad DevOps provides a space for learning about various tools, cultural experiences and challenges faced by those who work in DevOps.



40. SF DevOps
Paul Rothbein, Organizer
Throughout the Year
San Francisco, CA

SF DevOpsSF DevOps offers several Meetups each month for members to discuss Chef, Puppet, Ansible, API monitoring, performance testing, automation using cloud APIs, and much more. SF DevOps has more than 1,530 members, making it one of the largest DevOps Meetups to make the cut for our list. Organizer Paul Rothbein, a futurist, is CEO of Perspective Media, an alternative media source.




41. Boston DevOps
Dustin Collins, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Boston, MA

Boston DevOpsDustin Collins is the organizer of Boston DevOps and a developer advocate for Conjur Inc. Boston DevOps is one of our largest DevOps Meetups, with more than 1,410 members. Boston DevOps Meetups include lightning talks followed by drinks, panel discussions, and more for anyone interested in DevOps. Improving processes and tools for easier collaboration is a focus of Boston DevOps Meetups.




42. DevOps Chicago
Jerry Cattell
Throughout the Year
Chicago, IL

DevOps ChicagoDevOps Chicago is a group of professionals, hackers, managers, dev and ops engineers, and entrepreneurs who gather to learn about and share information on DevOps practices. DevOps Chicago Meetups typically occur more than once a month for the more than 1,270 members. Organizer Jerry Cattell is a principal infrastructure architect at EnerNOC who believes in many of the DevOps best practices, including infrastructure as code, metrics, automation, and continuous delivery.


43. Philly DevOps
Dave Konopka, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Philadelphia, PA

Philly DevOpsDave Konopka is an ops engineer who organizes Philly DevOps, a DevOps Meetup that has more than 750 members. Konopka specializes in Chef, development workflow and tooling, performance tuning, and coding. Meeting one Tuesday each month, Philly DevOps is a user group for people who seek to bridge the gap between development and operations.




44. Seattle DevOps Meetup Group
Jeffrey Hulten, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Seattle, WA

Seattle DevOps Meetup GroupJeffrey Hulten is a DevOps community organizer, developer, and systems guy who organizes the Seattle DevOps Meetup Group. Seattle DevOps Meetup Group meets on various Tuesdays every month and has more than 1,190 “Automators of Things” members. This DevOps Meetup welcomes anyone who is interested in the DevOps movement.




45. DevOps RVA
Chris Belyea, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Richmond, VA

DevOps RVADevOps RVA seeks to foster collaboration between the Richmond, Virginia, community of DevOps enthusiasts and practitioners. Organizer Chris Belyea has an interest in cloud computing and DevOps and is senior consultant at SingleStone. DevOps RVA typically meets on the third Tuesday or Wednesday of every month, so check the calendar for Meetup dates.




46. Denver DevOps Meetup
Tavis Aitken, Organizer
Third Tuesday of Every Month
Denver, CO

Denver DevOps MeetupDenver DevOps Meetup has more than 425 members and is open to the Denver-based SysAdmin and DevOps community. Denver DevOps seeks to join development and operations, and organizer Tavis Aitken is a DevOps enthusiast and engineer at Shutterstock, who specializes in php, Python, Puppet, Vagrant, and rpms. Denver DevOps Meetups include lightning talks, featured speakers and much more.


47. DevOps Kansas City
Aaron Blythe, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Kansas City, MO

DevOps Kansas CityDevOps Kansas City provides a place for devs and ops to hang out and discuss DevOps processes, tools, practices and benefits. DevOps Kansas City is comprised of more than 490 members, who are dev and ops engineers, tech professionals, managers, leads, architects and entrepreneurs. Organizer Aaron Blythe has a special interest in deployment, troubleshooting, monitoring and everything else related to DevOps.



48. Eastside DevOps Meetup Group
Chad Buffett, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Bellevue, WA

Eastside DevOps Meetup GroupEastside DevOps Meetup Group is sponsored by Expedia, Inc., and has more than 330 DevOps engineer members who meet to discuss DevOps while sharing food and drink. This DevOps Meetup features guest speakers on DevOps, cloud computing, SaaS, IaaS, deployment, automation, and other cutting-edge technology. Eastside DevOps Meetup Group organizer Chad Buffett manages a team of DevOps engineers and SysAdmins who handle daily operations of Expedia Local Expert systems and develop the latest deployment systems for CI/CD and automatic recovery of systems from failed states.

49. SVDevOps
Dave Nielsen, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Sunnyvale, CA

svDevOpsDave Nielsen, Redis Labs developer advocate and co-founder of Container Days, Big Data Camp and Cloud Camp, organizes SVDevOps. This DevOps Meetup meets in the Silicon Valley and welcomes dev and ops professionals including managers, engineers, hackers and entrepreneurs. SVDevOps boasts more than 2,045 members who enjoy discussing various DevOps topics, such as improving the working relationship between dev and ops, helping developers get visibility into monitoring and infrastructure standardization.

If you don’t live near one of these cities you can find a local DevOps Meetup on this DevOps index page.

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