Amazon Releases AWS Margins – And They Really Are High


Now we all know. Amazon’s AWS margins are high—much higher in fact than its other businesses. I knew this. Back in July 2013, ProfitBricks was the first cloud service provider to expose the high margins of the IaaS business. We dropped our pricing to be less than ½ of what Amazon AWS charges for EC2, knowing that margins like that […]

How to Automate Cloud Infrastructure Using a Ruby SDK


You can automate cloud infrastructure using the Ruby SDK for the ProfitBricks API. This continues to add to our work with Ruby; however, the SDK is a bit different than our previous open-source contribution to the Fog project in that it abstracts and provides complete coverage for all current API functions. It exposes advanced functionality you may not find in a […]

Deploy Cloud Infrastructure Using Node.js


The Node.js SDK for the ProfitBricks API is the first JavaScript-based library that has been built for and in support of the recently released REST API. It enables any developer familiar with JS to begin building automation against their ProfitBricks Data Centers.  Why Node.js? Since the release of Node.js we have watched its adoption rate continue to climb with many […]

Building Cloud Infrastructure Using jclouds Multi-Cloud Library

jclouds illustration from ProfitBricks

ProfitBricks takes pride in innovation, and we constantly strive to develop new and exciting ways to work with many languages and platforms like Java and our support for jclouds. jclouds is an open-source multi-cloud toolkit built for the Java platform and it’s a top level project in the Apache community. It gives developers the freedom to create applications that are […]

Building Cloud Infrastructure Using the Python SDK

Python illustration for ProfitBricks - save 33 percent

The Python SDK for the ProfitBricks API is the first library that has been exclusively built for and in support of the ProfitBricks REST API. This library is a bit different than our previous open-source contribution to the Python community (support for the popular Libcloud a multi-cloud library and part of the Apache community of top-level projects), in that it both […]

DevOps Central Community, Cloud APIs, Cloud Libraries and SDKs


The DevOps movement is sweeping across the IT landscape and bulldozing the old “throw it over the wall approach” by joining the Development and Operations teams.  If you don’t know the analogy, it’s a reference to the old school “developers write software code” and “operations teams run applications on hardware”. Today, modern teams are embracing DevOps and leveraging DevOps toolsets, […]

Day 1 Recap for ApacheCon Austin TX #ApacheCon


ProfitBricks team members are in Austin, TX for ApacheCon, an Apache Software Foundation event that brings together the open source community to learn and share the latest technologies and projects that are driving the future of open source, big data and cloud computing. ApacheCon is reflective in diversity and the number of projects that fall under the Apache Software Foundation […]

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