ProfitBricks Cloud Cost Calculator for Transparent Pricing

ProfitBricks has launched the Virtual Data Center Calculator, a cloud cost calculator based on our flexible, price/performance-leading IaaS solution. Organizations in the cloud and managed service providers (MSPs) may use it to accurately calculate costs for specific cloud requirements. It enables users to create multiple data centers for separate roles or clients, or simply experiment with different values to explore infinite options.

Cloud Cost Calculator

Discover our pricing calculator and explore ProfitBricks’ cloud costs today.

While other cloud pricing structures and cost models are complicated, with some vendors even producing 10-pages worth of pricing for dozens of different instances and pricing models. We feel that moving from CAPEX to OPEX presents many challenges for IT budgets and finance teams, but we don’t think calculating pricing should be one of them. To that end, ProfitBricks has created a simple, transparent pricing model and simple calculator to display costs with an, easy-to-read format.

ProfitBricks prices its cloud computing services on the following four elements: CPU cores, RAM, storage and outbound bandwidth. Inbound traffic, IOPs, 24/7 support and firewalls are included free of charge for the Las Vegas data center.

Cloud Cost Calculator Features

Our cloud cost calculator asks for the following values for each server in a virtual data center:

  • Dedicated CPU Cores
  • Dedicated RAM (GB)
  • Windows License Y/N (Y if a customer already has one, N to use ProfitBricks’ license)
  • Redundant Block Storage (We automatically replicate all data to two availability zones with RAID 10)
  • Number of servers of this type (For easy replication of a server, for example a failover server)

ProfitBricks cloud-cost-calculator

Since ProfitBricks is a fully flexible cloud provider with no fixed plans, we support whatever our customers need. Our samples and examples, such as our Sample Win HA setup (shown above), simply act as a guide on the many workloads the cloud can handle and are best practice architectures which might inspire your engineers.

Although our cloud cost calculator displays totals in hourly and monthly figures, for easy comparison with other cloud vendors, ProfitBricks adopts a minute-based billing approach. We pride ourselves on our transparent pricing structure and the Live Vertical Scaling of resources, enabled by our intuitive Data Center Designer.

ProfitBricks’ cloud cost calculator finally makes it pain-free to find out virtual data center expenditure for specific requirements.