How to Automate Cloud Infrastructure Using .NET

The .NET SDK for the ProfitBricks API expands our support for programmers who work with Microsoft technology. We’re excited to now not only support developers working within languages such as python, ruby, and javascript, but developers who work with C# and the .NET Framework – and we’d like to talk about how to automate cloud infrastructure using .NET.

Why .NET?

Since its release .NET has become one of the most popular enterprise frameworks to use when building applications on the Microsoft platform. C# is in the top five most popular programming languages and one that is still very much in demand by application developers.


The library exposes all functionality found in the SOAP API. You can find full documentation on the various aspects of the API here and browse our repository here. The library follows conventions any .NET developer would expect.

Code Samples

Once you’ve followed our getting started guide you should have the library available in your environment.

You can create a Virtual Data Center, followed by adding a server:

You can take advantage of distinct features found in the ProfitBricks offering such as updating cores, memory, and disk independently of each other.

The repo also contains a sample application you can use to bootstrap your first application.

The .NET library creates a powerful interface to the SOAP API. It is the first release with others planned for the Microsoft developer community. We encourage you to engage with us in the DevOps Central community. While you are there if there are any questions you have with the library or if you’d like us to add support for something different, please leave a comment in the community. And, as always, have fun and code responsibly.