Interviews on Cloud: Patricia Dugan, The New Stack

Our Interviews on Cloud video series from Structure Conference features interviews with influential cloud computing industry experts and thought leaders. In the latest video, ProfitBricks meets with Patricia Dugan, Director of Community Marketing & Business Development at the New Stack

Founded in 2014 by Editor-in-Chief and tech journalist Alex Williams, the New Stack website features news and analysisThe-New-Stack-ProfitBricks-Cloud-Computing about the services and infrastructures that developers build, how the new stack affects enterprise and enterprise startups, the various networks of developer communities and the DevOps movement and the business models that encompass this new world including comprehensive and sophisticated analysis on the technology and culture as well as their synthesization and impact on our working lives.

Interviews on Cloud: Patricia Dugan, The New Stack

Patricia Dugan has only worked at the New Stack since September, but she is clearly enthusiastic about her role there along with the many hats that she wears. As the New Stack is a small startup, she speaks about her busy and varied role which encompasses marketing, events (including meetups), branding, sponsorship as well as business development.

Watch the ProfitBricks interview with Patricia Dugan for a chat about how The New Stack is covering the world of application development, microservices and management at scale, plus their predictions for 2016, including the containerization of the cloud space featuring Docker, Kubernetes, Mesosphere and more.

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