ProfitBricks Now Offers Cloud Computing Industry’s Largest Instance Sizes

Bigger is better, right?  At ProfitBricks, we already offer our customers the flexibility to choose the exact amount of CPU cores, RAM, and storage pace per server.  No cookie cutter sizes.  You choose what you need with no waste.  We also provide the ability to vertically scale up CPU cores and RAM on demand without rebooting the server.

Now, our customers can make those servers bigger than anywhere else on the public cloud market: up to 62 CPU cores and 240 GB RAM.  That’s a whole lot of room to scale up your web server, your Hadoop node, or whatever your virtual server needs might be.

Details?  Here’s the press release making it official:

ProfitBricks Provides Better Speed and Performance as well as Lower Administrative Costs for Large Database and Big Data Applications

Santa Clara, CA – April 3, 2013 – ProfitBricks, the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) company that completely reengineered the delivery of cloud computing, now offers the industry’s largest virtual server instance sizes, enabling customers to run true High Performance Computing environments in the cloud for the first time.

By offering variable instance sizes, which now tip the scales at 62 cores and 240GB of RAM, ProfitBricks continues to define Cloud Computing 2.0. ProfitBricks customers can now run massive computational processes at a lower cost while taking advantage of better speed and performance. It also enables users of databases and big data software to scale their virtual servers vertically rather than horizontally.

ProfitBricks can offer such large instance sizes due to the fact that its core infrastructure is built on InfiniBand technology, giving ProfitBricks infinite possibilities in how it provides virtual resources.

“ProfitBricks offers up the largest instances sizes in terms of both CPU and RAM,” said Kenny Li, vice president at Cloud Spectator, a cloud analyst firm. “While competitors like Amazon put up impressive looking numbers by focusing on concepts like ECUs, when it comes down to it they’re truly offering up 16 physical cores even in their Hadoop-focused instances. That’s certainly impressive, but it’s not nearly to the same degree as ProfitBricks.”

Vertical Scaling for High Performance Implementations

The new instances are perfect for companies that run large databases, multiple compute nodes in a cluster or are looking for compute power to help run big data implementations. By coupling ProfitBricks large instance size capability with the ability to build networks between servers and storage that runs at 80 Gb/s, customers experience High Performance Computing power in the public cloud for the first time.

“For data intensive processes like accessing a massive MySQL database or running a Hadoop cluster with many virtual machines, you need all the RAM and compute power,” said ProfitBricks CEO Bob Rizika. “With smaller instances you end up running more instances. Not only does that sacrifice speed and performance, but you end up with more administrative headaches as well.”

In addition to providing users with ultimate flexibility thanks to fully configurable instances, ProfitBricks also offers minute-based billing. This way a job that runs for 65 minutes is charged just for the time used and not for the next full hour. This offers significant cost savings and efficiencies that other cloud computing services cannot match.

Pricing and Availability

The 62 core and 240 RAM instances cost just $0.05 per CPU core and $0.015 per hour with minute-based metering, and are available immediately. For additional information contact a ProfitBricks sales representative through the website or by calling 1-866-852-5229.

About ProfitBricks

ProfitBricks – Cloud Computing 2.0 – is the cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) company offering more speed and flexibility than any other cloud provider. Founded in 2010 by the previous co-founders of 1&1 Internet, ProfitBricks has built the world’s first, true virtual datacenter, enabling users custom defined instances with live vertical scaling and class-leading double redundant cloud storage – all with simple and transparent minute-based billing. It also developed the first graphical Data Center Designer that makes the ProfitBricks Cloud Computing service the easiest to setup and maintain. CRN Magazine recently picked ProfitBricks as the “Coolest Startup” of 2012. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany and Boston, Mass., ProfitBricks can be found online at